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Sharp MZ-80P4 Instruction Manual page 20

Dot printer
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i, ;:';'
I ~ "
'''/'' c,
~ i
',_"1,"';';,11,;1",'11""1 "
• Code to cancel (I B)+(OSH)
• When this code is received, PAPER EMPTY (PE) will be ignored.
B) +<09H)
• Makes PAPER EMPTY (PE) signal effective.
(lB)+( I IH)+<HEX,)
• Sets vertical ta bulation.
+ ..... +(HEXn)+(OO)
• Following (lB)+(1IH), transfers tabulation setting position in
hexadecimal number.
• Upon completion of tabulation setting, transfers (00) NULL code.
The maximum tabulation value shall be [specified page length -I] .
Example: When page 'Iength is 72 lines, tabulation value will be 71
or less.
• Tabulation value can be set in a random manner.
• Tabulation value is an absolute value from home position.
• Clears vertical tabulation setting.
(1 B)+( 12H)+<HEX)
• Sets the number of lines per page.
• Any number up to 72 lines can be set in <HEX) following (lB)+
( 12H>.
• Any number in excess of 72 liens will be ignored.
• 0 line will be ignored.
• When this code is received, form feed will be executed automatically.
(lB)+( 13H)+<HEX,)
• Sets horizontal tabulation.
+ ..... +<HEXn )+( 00)
• n value can be up to 135 lines.
• n values can be transferred in no particular order.
• Upon completion of tabulation setting, NULL code shall be trans-
• Clears horizontal tabulation setting.
(I B)+( 18H)+<HEX,)
• Image print instruction.
• The number of image data to be transferred following (I B)+O 8H)
+<Data string)
shall be transferred in 2 bytes: (HEX,)+(HEX,). (HEX,) represents
lower 8-bit data, while (HEX,) represents upper 8-bit data. If the
number of transfer bytes is 16 bytes, (I B)+( 18H)+ ( I OH )+(OOH)
+( 16-byte data).
When this code is received, line feed is started automatically after
printing the 16-byte data.
• This code will be ignored when <HEX,)+<HEX,)