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Printer Control Codes - Sharp MZ-80P4 Instruction Manual

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Printer control codes
The printer control differs, depending on the kinds of ROM units used in this machine,
• When CR code is input, data inside the buffer is printed.
• When there is not data before CR code is received, the carriage does
not shift.
• When the internal function switch is turned OFF, linefeed is carried
out. (Refer to the function of SW2-2.)
• Line feed code.
• This code is used both as line change instruction and printing in-
• Vertical tabulation (VT)
• This is a multiple-line feed code. Operation is carried out in ac-
cordance with the tabulation previously set in RAM.
• Printing instruction code. When this VT code is received, stored data
will be printed, and after that, automatic feeding will be carried out
to the line previously set by tabulation.
• Tabulation in excess of the set page length will be ignored, and the
same operation as by (OAH) code will be carried out.
• Form feed
, • This is a multiple-line feed code. Automatic feeding is carried out to
the form feed position set in the memory.
• This is also used as printing instruction.
• If the buffer already has printing data, the data will be printed first
before automatic feeding is started.
(11 H)
• Horizontal tabulation
• When this code is received, data for tabulation set in RAM will be
reorganized, for storage in the buffer.
• Excess over the maximum number of characters designated by (lB)+
9H)+(HEX) will be ignored.
• This is not a printing inspection.
• Device control 1 (DC
• This is a printer select instruction code.
• This code can be ignored by manipulating the internal function
• When the data are received, the on-line indicator lights up.
• The I36-character/line mode will be selected.
• When this code is received, the carriage returns to its home position
for line feed, and the I 36-character/line mode will be selected.



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