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Sharp MZ-80P4 Instruction Manual page 22

Dot printer
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(Data string)
• I 36-character mode can be selected.
• The mode when power is turned on can also be set the function
switch SWl-S.
• After the mode change, line feed is carried out automatically.
• If data exist in the buffer, the carriage returns to the home position
after printing, line feed is carried out, and modes are changed.
• Permits image printing.
• (OBH) is transferred continuously twice, and the hexadecimal data
are transferred in 2-byte ASCII expression.
(Ex.) For image printing of l6-byte data, data string will be as
follows: Data string
(HEXl)+ ...... +( HEX16)
(Note) (HEXl) - (HEXI6) above is hexadecimal data in ASCII
• Printing instruction for image print is given by ODH, as in the case of
ordinary character printing.
• If continuous data have an error, this code will be ignored.