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Connection With Computers - Sharp MZ-80P4 Instruction Manual

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Connection with computers
(1) Connection with computer MZ-80B/MZ-80A
STEP 1. Turn off power for all equipment.
STEP 2. Install an expansion unit in the computer and
insert an I/O card into this unit. Insert the card in
Slit No.3 for MZ-80B (where 6 slits are available),
and in Slit No.2 for MZ-80A (where 4 slits are
available). The picture on the right shows correct
insert of the I/O card.
STEP 3. Connect the connector on one end of the signal
cable to the signal terminal of the I/O card. Then,
fix the connector with the attached screws. Since
the connectors provided on both ends of the signal
cable have different shapes, do not confuse them.
Be sure to use the two screws for fixing the con-
STEP 4. Connect the connector on the other end of the
signal cable to the signal terminal on the back of
the printer. Then fix the connector using the fixing
pins on both ends of the signal terminal.
STEP S. Connect one cnd of the attached hraided wire to
the FG terminal of the printer, and the other end
to the FG terminal of the computer.
Do not fail to connect the braided wire.
(Back of computer)
I •
1/0 card
Fig. 1
- - - -
Fig. 2
Fix the COnnector using the fixing pins.
Connect to the FG terminal
of the computer.
Braided wire
Fig. 4