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Startup; Shocking; Apply Power; Operating In Winter - Jandy PureLink Installation And Operation Manual

Water purification system power center and cell kit
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5.4 Startup



Shocking (Super Chlorination) is recommended before pool startup. Start out with good pool water
from the beginning. The AquaPure will build up a sufficient level of chlorine for sanitation in several hours.
However, if pool water has a high demand from the startup the AquaPure will not be able to produce enough
chlorine to reach break point chlorination. So, it is best to super chlorinate from an outside source at the
time of pool startup. Then, wait until the chlorine level has returned to 1 to 3 PPM before turning on the

Apply Power

Turn on the pool pump. When the AquaPure is first turned on (cold), the unit will beep. Next it will
self-calibrate the Flow/Temp/Salinity Sensor. After going through an internal test and calibration, the
LCD will display the current setting for Chlorine Production (00% to 100%). During the calibration
period "Wait" will appear. "Wait" means the unit is self calibrating and doing internal testing. This
usually takes less than 6 minutes.
Check salinity level by pressing the
does not, then press the
NOTE If still less than 3.0 gpl refer to pages 18 through 20 and adjust salt level. (Maintain the Recommended
Salinity Level of 3.0 to 3.5 gpl). If salinity is below 2.0 gpl the AquaPure will automatically turn the cell off
until the salinity is raised above 2.0 gpl, since operating with low salt will damage Cell. Likewise, if salinity is
above the range of measurement the AquaPure will automatically turn the cell off until the salinity is lowered
to a measurable level, since operating with high salt will damage the power center. If salinity is greater than
3.5 gpl, see Section 7, Troubleshooting.
Adjust the Chlorine Production to 50% by pressing the arrow button
After 24 hours, use a reliable test kit to test the pool water for free active chlorine. The ideal range to
maintain is 1-3 PPM. If the chlorine content of the pool water is too low, increase chlorine production
by pressing the arrow button
production by pressing the arrow button
increments as the correct chlorine level is approached.
Due to a varying chlorine demand of pool water, it may take a few days to determine the correct pool
pump operating time and chlorine production percentage setting for your pool. Continue adjusting
as necessary, allowing 24 hours between adjustments until the chlorine content of the pool water has
stabilized at 1-3 PPM.

5.5 Operating in Winter

See Section 6.6, Winterizing.
button. It should read between 3.0 gpl and 3.5 gpl. If it
button two or three more times until the salinity reading stabilizes.
. If the chlorine content of the water is too high, Decrease chlorine
. Adjust in 10% increments initially then in smaller
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