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Battery Cautionary Instructions - IBM -4900 Installation And Operation Manual

Advanced home/office 4 line cordless telephone with caller id
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For the base of the telephone, use only
ies. (batteries not included.)
For the cordless handset, use only
phone replacement battery packs.
Do not dispose of the batteries in a fire. The cells may explode. Check with local codes for possible
special disposal instructions.
Do not open or mutilate the batteries. Released electrolyte is corrosive and may cause damage to
the eyes or skin. It may be toxic if swallowed.
Exercise care in handling batteries in order not to short the battery with conducting materials such
as rings, bracelets, and keys. The battery or conductor may overheat and cause burns.
Do not attempt to recharge the batteries identified for use with this product. The batteries may leak
corrosive electrolyte or explode.
Do not attempt to rejuvenate the batteries identified for use with this product by heating them. Sud-
den release of the battery electrolyte may occur causing burns or irritation to eyes or skin.
When replacing batteries, all batteries should be replaced at the same time. Mixing fresh and dis-
charged batteries could increase internal cell pressure and rupture the discharged batteries.
When inserting batteries' into this product, the proper polarity or direction must be observed. Re-
verse insertion of batteries can cause charging, and that may result in leakage or explosion.
Remove the batteries from this product if the product will not be used for a long period of time
(several months or more) since during this time the battery could leak in the product.
Discard "dead" batteries as soon as possible since "dead" batteries are more likely to leak in a prod-
Do not store this product, or the batteries identified for use with this product, in high temperature
areas. Batteries that are stored in a freezer or refrigerator for the purpose of extending shelf life
should be protected from condensation during storage and defrosting. Batteries should be stabilized
at room temperature prior to use after cold storage.
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volt, AA-size batteries,
5a) carbon or alkaline. batter-
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