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Installingthe Batteries - IBM -4900 Installation And Operation Manual

Advanced home/office 4 line cordless telephone with caller id
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The telephone base requires three 1.5 volt, AA-size batteries, preferably alkaline, (batteries
cluded). These batteries are required for the retention of user programmed settings and Caller ID data
during a power outage. The BE-4900
the event ofo
To install the AA batteries:
I. Turn the unit over (if unit is wall-mounted, lift it off the wall).
2. Open the battery compartment by removing the safety screw and pressing the tab to release the
3. Insert the batteries into the battery compartment as indicated.
4. Reinstall the battery compartment cover and safety screw.
NOTE: When replacing batteries in the future, keep the AC power adapter line connected to the phone to
avoid memory loss.
To install the 3.6V 6OOmAh cordless handset battery pack:
I. Slide open the battery compartment lid on the back of the handset.
2. Insert the battery pack so that its connectors line up with those built into the handset.
3. Close the battery compartment lid.
4. Place the handset on the base unit cradle.
5. Charge the battery for at least I2 hours so that the battery is fully charged.
To install a battery into the backup battery compartment:
I. Open the backup battery compartment lid on the base under the handset.
2. Insert a second (not included) battery pack so that the battery connectors line up with those built into
the backup battery compartment.
3. Close the backup battery compartment lid.
4. Charge the battery for at least I2 hours so that the battery is fully charged. Once charged this backup
battery may be interchanged with the cordless handset battery, as needed.
NOTE: The BE-4900 backup battery compartment maintains a ' trickle charge' (low rate) at all times. Once the
backup battery has been fully charged, ifit is not to be used, remove it from the compartment to prevent damage
to the battery. It is recommended that the backup battery be interchanged with the primary battery on a daily
SMARTHOME.COM™ 1-800-SMART-HOME 949-221-9200
does not require the AA batteries to be installed for normal op-
power outage,
telephone will not operate until power is restored.
not in-
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