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IBM -4900 Installation And Operation Manual

Advanced home/office 4 line cordless telephone with caller id
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Please read this manual carefully prior to installing your telephone.
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  Summary of Contents for IBM IBM-4900

  • Page 1 MODEL: IBM-4900 ADVANCED HOME/OFFICE 4 LINE CORDLESS TELEPHONE WITH CALLER ID INSTALLATION AND OPERATION GUIDE Please read this manual carefully prior to installing your telephone. SMARTHOME.COM™ 1-800-SMART-HOME 949-221-9200 Order #5125C...
  • Page 2: Table Of Contents

    FCC INFORMATION..IMPORTANT SAFETY INSTRUCTIONS ... BATTERY CAUTIONARY INSTRUCTIONS..GETTING STARTED ... Package Contents... 8 Compatibility ... 8 Location of Controls Useful Features and Terms ... Lights and Cadence Reference List ... I2 Display Reference List ... I3 Caller ID display Reference..
  • Page 3 Automatic Redial. HEADSET OPERATION ... Connecting a Headset ... 29 Headset Enable/Disable Making an Outgoing Call..29 Answering an Incoming Call INTERCOM OPERATION..Direct Station Select Keys Placing an Intercom Call ... 30 Answering an Intercom Call PAGING ... Paging a Individual Extension Receiving an Individual Page Answering an Individual Page.
  • Page 4: Fcc Information

    If the interference is caused by the IBM-4900, the user is encouraged to try to correct the interference by one or more of the following measures: ) Reorient the radio or TV receiving antenna.
  • Page 5: Important Safety Instructions

    Before using your telephone equipment, basic safety precautions should always be followed to reduce the risk of fire, electrical shock and injury to persons, including the following: Read and understand all instructions. Follow all warnings and instructions marked on the product. Unplug this product from the wall telephone jack and power outlet before cleaning.
  • Page 6: Battery Cautionary Instructions

    BATTERIES: CAUTION For the base of the telephone, use only ies. (batteries not included.) For the cordless handset, use only phone replacement battery packs. Do not dispose of the batteries in a fire. The cells may explode. Check with local codes for possible special disposal instructions.
  • Page 7: Getting Started

    (AA size batteries not included) COMPATIBILITY Your IBM-4900 is a four line cordless system telephone designed to work with other IBM system tele- phones to provide all of the advanced telephone system features of the IBM-4 I2CID and more. The IBM-4 I2CID is a corded version of the IBM system telephone, featuring a fully integrated hands- free headset, speakerphone, speed dial, useful LCD display, four line Caller ID support, message wait- ing indicator, and much more.
  • Page 8: Location Of Controls

    Model IBM-4900 Top View Do Not Disturb Key Call Timer Clock and Calendar Set , Disp’ a y /“ :“ I From Disp’ a y Page All Extensions New Call/Message Handset Cradle Handset Catch P__I______ I/_.. Mute Key Speaker Volume...
  • Page 9 Model IBM-4900 Display Call Timer Clock and Calendar Set Scroll Keys for Erase Caller ID Records Erase Caller ID Records Model IBM-4900 Cordless Handset Headset Jack \ Flash Battery Low Indicator Hold SMARTHOME.COM™ 1-800-SMART-HOME 949-221-9200 TIMER = / 4-I Talk c F &...
  • Page 10: Useful Features And Terms

    USEFUL FEATURES AND TERMS Auto Line Selection - Automatically selects first available line for outgoing calls. Automati- cally selects ringing line for incoming calls. Auto Redial - Redials the last number dialed approximately every 60 seconds. Battery Backup - Compartment on base for charging spare battery.
  • Page 11 Status Lines l-4 Flashing Slowly On Steady To that Line. Flashing Rapidly Blink Blink 2 Blink 3 Intercom Flashing Slowly Flashing Rapidly Speakerphone On Steady Shift On Steady On Steady Do Not Disturb (DND) On Steady Redial Flashing Slowly Messages/New Cal/s On Steady Flashing Rapidly Handset Battery Low...
  • Page 12 Idle Display Low Battery Display The telephone will indicate that the batteries are low (or not installed) by displaying a low battery indi- cator, “BAlT”, on the display. F ..*. . ! I . . . ! pi gj i .I. _ .
  • Page 13 The phone is idle Display Priority When the phone is handling simultaneous functions, messages are displayed according to the following precedence: I. Dialed digits 2. Intercom operations SMARTHOME.COM™ 1-800-SMART-HOME 949-221-9200 Press [CALL ID] 4. Programming functions First time 5. Caller ID data Order #5125C...
  • Page 14: Selecting A Location To Install Your Telephone

    3. Place the base away from metal walls and metal file cabinets. 4. Do not place the base near a TV set or other electronic devices. 5. Do not place the base near another cordless telephone. 6. Do not place the base unit near a microwave.
  • Page 15: Installingthe Batteries

    It is recommended that the backup battery be interchanged with the primary battery on a daily basis. SMARTHOME.COM™ 1-800-SMART-HOME 949-221-9200 does not require the AA batteries to be installed for normal op- IBM-4900 your telephone will not operate until power is restored. not in-...
  • Page 16: Connecting Your Telephone Lines

    Line 3 being active (See diagram on page be used. NOTE: Many of the advanced system features of the IBM-4900 require the use is not recommended that electronic devices (modems, FAX machines, door bells, etc.) SMARTHOME.COM™ 1-800-SMART-HOME 949-221-9200 wall jacks (see illustrations on pages I8 (Rj 14) telephone jack(s).
  • Page 17 SINGLE LINE JACKS TWO LINE JACKS RJ 11 JACK RJ 11 JACK RJ 14 JACK RJ 14 JACK LINE 1 LINE 2 CAUTION: Never install telephone wiring during a lightning storm. Never install telephone jacks in wet locations unless the jack is specifically designed for wet loca- tions.
  • Page 18: Desk Or Tabletop Installation

    RJ 11 JACK RJ 11 JACK TWO LINE COUPLER DESK OR TABLE TOP INSTALLATION For lines and 2, plug a telephone line cord (provided with the phone) into the port L I/L2 as indi- cated on the rear base of the phone. For lines 3 and 4, plug the other telephone line cord (provided with the phone) into the port L3/ L4 as indicated on the rear base of the phone.
  • Page 19: Adjustingthe Viewing Angle Brackets

    ADJUSTING THE VIEWING ANGLE BRACKETS Adjust the viewing angle brackets (one on each side of the phone) to position the phone to the desired viewing angle. Take care to keep the right side bracket on the right side of the phone and the left bracket on the left side of the phone.
  • Page 20: Wall Mounting Instructions

    12. If you more that two lines installed, you can connect Lines 3 and 4 to a second telephone jack. Plug the second supplied 7 foot ‘ long telephone line cord into the Model IBM-4900 Bottom View BATTERY COMPARTMENT S H O W N W I T H T H E D O O R R E M O V E D SMARTHOME.COM™...
  • Page 21: Telephone Operations Set Up

    LIST OF SYSTEM DEFAULTS The default telephone setup is as follows: Function Tone/Pulse Mode Headset Extension Number Ringer Line Connection Speaker Volume Handset Volume Headset Volume Ringer Volume Dial Speed Area Code Calendar Caller ID Log You may clear all programmed data and all the parameters will revert to the above default values. To do this: I.
  • Page 22: Setting The Clock And Calendar

    NOTE: The programmable speed dial keys double in function as Direct, Station to Station (DSS) keys. The upper most lefl key is extension (Station) using the features intercom (KM) and page, extensions may be dialed by pressing these keys even aper each key has also been programmed as a speed dial number.
  • Page 23: Programming Ringer On/Off

    2. Press [5]. 3. Press a digit X where X is for line numbers I-4. 4. Press [0], [I] for ON, or [0], [0] for OFF. 5. Press [MUTE]. 6. A short ring will be heard to signal successful programming. PROGRAMMING RINGER ON/OFF The ringer may be turned OFF and ON for incoming calls on a line-by-line basis.
  • Page 24: Area Code Programming

    AREA CODE PROGRAMMING This feature allows calls to be stored as a local call and dialed back using the [DIAL] key as a local call (the area code will not be dialed). There is storage for one local area code. Once you program the local area code, any incoming phone call from that area code will have the area code deleted automatically.
  • Page 25: Basic Operations

    MAKING AN OUTGOING CALL The IBM-4900 base was designed to provide the utmost in dialing convenience. Access to most fea- tures is intended to start with the large, easily accessible keys found on the base. This means that many features are most easily accessed by first using the hands-free speakerphone, and then lifting the hand- set from the cradle for handset usage.
  • Page 26: Answering An Incoming Call

    NOTE: Once a call has been placed on hold, it can be accessed by any extension. [The extension phones must, however, be IBM system phones.] The phone will generate a reminder (two rapid rings) every 30 sec- onds while a call is on ho/d.
  • Page 27: Using The M U T E Function

    Press the [MUTE] key again to restore the sound to the other party. The [MUTE] LED will turn off. LAST NUMBER REDIAL The IBM-4900 automatically stores the last phone number dialed. To redial that number: I. Press the [REDIAL] key on the base or the [REDIAL] key on the handset. The phone will automati- cally select the first available line and dial the last number dialed.
  • Page 28: Headset Operation

    Your IBM-4900 comes with a convenient belt clip and a headset jack. The headset jack gives you the option of us- ing a cordless phone headset which, when used with the IBM-4900 belt clip, provides hands-free convenience. A cordless telephone type headset utilizing a 2.5 mm connector plug has been included with your telephone.
  • Page 29: Intercom Operation

    As you place an intercom call to an extension that extension will ring, display extension number on the LCD, and the [ICM] LED (on the base) will flash. NOTE: The IBM-4900, IBM-412, and IBM-412CID 4-line telephones support one intercom call at another extension is conversing (the [KM] LED is dark) to make your intercom call.
  • Page 30: Answering An Intercom Call

    INTERCOM NOTES: If the called number is idle, you will hear an ICM ring back tone. 2. If the called number is busy (with an outside call), you will hear a busy ICM tone. The called party will hear a double ring and see the [ICM] LED flashing, indicating intercom call waiting. 3.
  • Page 31: Paging

    NOTES: lfthe extension you are paging is not id/e (the person is on the phone), you will hear the intercom busy signal. Also note that if the extension being paged is a IBM-4900 (cordless model) and the cordless base, you will hear a busy signal.
  • Page 32: Answering An Individual Page

    ANSWERING AN INDIVIDUAL PAGE With the Speakerphone Press the [MUTE] key and begin your conversation. 2. To end the conversation press the [SPKR] key. With the Handset Lift the handset from the cradle and begin your conversation, you will be automatically connected to the party paging you.
  • Page 33: Caller Id Service

    2. The display will show the caller information for the call that came in first LINE I. 3. Press the [CALL ID] key to display information about the caller on the second ringing line (LINE NOTE: The IBM-4900 [CALL ID] key is only usable in speakerphone mode. Caller ID Displayed on Phone when in Use After placing a call,.incoming...
  • Page 34 Viewing the Caller ID Log Press the [ 41 or [,I keys, beneath the display, to scroll through the Caller ID list. 2. Upon the first press of either [ the total number of calls stored in the Caller ID log as well as the number of new calls. New calls are calls which have not been previously viewed.
  • Page 35 I. Using the [ 41 or [ .] key, find the particular record you would like to delete. 2. Press the [ERASE] key. The LCD display will indicate that the record has been deleted. 3. You may erase all caller information records simultaneously by pressing [ERASE] from the sum- mary Call ID display.
  • Page 36: Telephone Features

    NEW CALL/MESSAGE WAITING INDICATOR This LED indicator is located at the lower right corner of the phone display. It functions as both a ‘ New Calls’ and a ‘ Message Waiting’ (voice mail) indicator. Calls Indicator The new calls indicator (LED) will light whenever the phone receives a call. The LED light will be con- stant (non-flashing).
  • Page 37: Do Not Disturb (Dnd)

    Conference Call with an External Party While in conversation, press the [HOLD] key and make the second call on another available line. 2. After the third party has answered, press the [CONF] key. 3. Your three-way conference call has now been established. Conference Call with an Internal Party I.
  • Page 38: Pause

    PAUSE You may use this feature to create a dialing pause between digits during a call. Typically, the PAUSE func- tion is most useful for programming dialing delays in long number sequences of certain Speed Dial num- bers such as voicemail codes, international phone numbers, and personal banking authorizations. Each time you press the [REDIAL] key, you add a three second delay to the dialing sequence (you may do this more than once to create a longer delay.) You may insert a pause anywhere in the number (before, in between any two digits and/or the end of the number.)
  • Page 39: Last Number Redial

    Dialing Numbers in the First Speed Dial Group I. Press the [SPEED DIAL] key. The phone will access the first available line and automatically dial the stored number. The number will be shown on the display. Dialing Numbers in the Second Speed Dial Group I.
  • Page 40: Call Timer

    CALL TIMER With the IBM-4900 you can keep track of the length of each phone call. The timer automatically begins as soon as the phone goes “off-hook”. The call timer appears on the lower line of the display. You can reset the timer if you don’...
  • Page 41: Technical Terms

    Flash Rate for Lights On Steady: Flashing Slowly: Flashing Rapidly: Blink I: Blink 2: Blink 3: Sound Rate of Intercom Buzzer Ring: Double ring: ICM ring: Transfer ring: ID-error ring: Tones Dial tone: Busy tone: DND tone: Ring back tone: SMARTHOME.COM™...
  • Page 42: Care And Maintenance

    Keep the IBM-4900 away from heat as high temperatures can shorten the life of the electrical com- ponents and distort or melt its plastic parts. 2. The IBM-4900 should be kept free of dust and moisture. If it gets wet, wipe it dry immediately. Liq- uids can contain minerals that can corrode electronic circuits.
  • Page 43: Troubleshooting

    Intercom, line status, auto-answer, privacy or auto-line selection are inoperable. Check if Lines and 2 are cross wired in the wall jack. If used, see if you may have installed your 2-line adapter incorrectly. Be sure all extensions in the system are connected to [LINE I]. Check the assigned extension codes, making sure they are unique.
  • Page 44 Intercom service doesn’ t appear to work. ) Check to make sure the phone lines for all extensions are set up consistently, meaning that all phones are properly wired for [LINE I], 2, 3 and 4. Review “Connecting Your Telephone Lines” section.