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Adjustingthe Viewing Angle Brackets; Wall Mounting - IBM -4900 Installation And Operation Manual

Advanced home/office 4 line cordless telephone with caller id
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Adjust the viewing angle brackets (one on each side of the phone) to position the phone to the desired
viewing angle. Take care to keep the right side bracket on the right side of the phone and the left
bracket on the left side of the phone. These brackets are not interchangeable. The character R or L
appears on the inside of each bracket to indicate proper installation.
The brackets are adjusted by removing them from the base and reattaching them at desired angle. To
remove the brackets, insert your finger into the bracket opening (on the underside of the bracket) and
press up as you pull the bracket straight out from the side of the phone. To attach the brackets, use
alignment guides (small marks) on the side of the phone and on the brackets as you snap them in place.
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The BE-4900 telephone may be installed on the studs of a standard wall phone plate or onto two
screws (not included) fastened into the wall. When installing screws into plaster board walls, use wall
anchors (not included) to insure that the screws remain secure. To install screws properly, remove the
template from page 47 of this manual and use it to mark the screw locations on the wall. Insert the
screws into the wall leaving 3/ 16" of each screw extending out from the wall.
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