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Intercom Operation; Direct Station Select Keys; Placing An Intercom Call - IBM -4900 Installation And Operation Manual

Advanced home/office 4 line cordless telephone with caller id
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The Intercom function allows extension-to-extension conversations (all phones must be connected to
Line I). This means you can speak with another party without having to dial seven digits (using an out-
side line). As you place an intercom call to an extension that extension will ring, display
extension number on the LCD, and the [ICM] LED (on the base) will flash.
NOTE: The IBM-4900, IBM-412, and IBM-412CID 4-line telephones support one intercom call at
another extension is conversing
(the [KM] LED is dark) to make your intercom call.
The phone is preprogrammed so that with the touch of a button, you can dial any of the extensions
I I-22. Although not labeled, the [DSS] keys (the Speed Dial keys) correspond to extension numbers I I
through 22 in sequential order. The upper left speed dial key will always represent extension I I, the
key to its right is extension
fice/room names on the paper template surrounding the


Placing an Intercom Call with the Speakerphone
I. Press the [ICM] key. The [ICM] LED will illuminate and you will hear the intercom dial tone. The
[SPKR] key LED will continue to flash, indicating that you are in headset mode.
2. "ICM" will appear on the display.
3. Dial the desired extension number or press one of the Direct Station Select (DSS) keys.
4. To end the intercom call, simply press the [SPKR] key to disconnect the call.
NOTE: Once you have established
cordless handset by simply lifting
Placing an Intercom Call with the Handset
I. Pick up the handset.
2. Press the [ICM] key on the handset.
LED will light and you will hear the intercom dial tone.
3. Dial the desired number (using the handset keypad).
4. To end the intercom call, return the handset to the phone base or press [END].
SMARTHOME.COM™ 1-800-SMART-HOME 949-221-9200
using [KM] you will see the [KM] LED is lit. Wait until intercom is
an intercom call, you may easily switch from the speakerphone to the
the handset offthe base.
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