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Answering An Incoming Call; Placing A Call O N Hold - IBM -4900 Installation And Operation Manual

Advanced home/office 4 line cordless telephone with caller id
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Switching from Handset to Speakerphone
Press the [SPKR] key.
2. Return handset to the cradle.


Using the Speakerphone (hands free)
Simply press the speakerphone [SPKR] key to be automatically connected to the ringing line, or, press
the flashing [LINE] key on the telephone base to be connected with the outside call.
Using the Handset
If the handset is sitting in the handset cradle (preferred):
I .Lift the handset. You will automatically be connected to the ringing line.
NOTE: Pressing any
key, you will be automatically connected to the ringing line.
To place a call on hold
Press the [HOLD] key on either the base or the handset to put a call on hold. The [LINE] LED on the
base will flash rapidly indicating that call is on hold.
To release a call on hold
Press the [LINE] key of the call that is on hold. On the base this will be the [LINE] key with the rapidly
flashing LED.
NOTE: Once a call has been placed on hold, it can be accessed by any extension. [The extension phones
must, however, be IBM system phones.] The phone will generate a reminder (two rapid rings) every 30 sec-
onds while a call is on ho/d.
The MUTE feature allows you to temporarily stop the voice transmission to the other party on your call.
I. Press the [MUTE] key. The [MUTE] LED will illuminate and the display will show MUTE. You are
now free to converse privately. The other party will not hear your conversation.
2. Press the [MUTE] key again to restore the sound to the other party. The [MUTE] LED will turn
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