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Answering An Intercom Call - IBM -4900 Installation And Operation Manual

Advanced home/office 4 line cordless telephone with caller id
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If the called number is idle, you will hear an ICM ring back tone.
2. If the called number is busy (with an outside call), you will hear a busy ICM tone. The called party
will hear a double ring and see the [ICM] LED flashing, indicating intercom call waiting.
3. If the called number is set on Do Not Disturb (DND), you will hear an ICM busy tone. The called
party will not hear anything, but that extension' s [ICM] LED will flash and


When receiving an intercom call you will hear the distinctive ICM ring (a double ring). The base will
flash the [ICM] LED, and the display will show
Answering an Intercom Call with the Speakerphone
I. Press the [SPKR] key or press the [ICM] key.
2. Begin the conversation.
3. To end the intercom call, simply press the [SPKR] key to disconnect the call.
Answering an Intercom Call with the Handset
I. If the handset is sitting in the handset cradle (preferred):
2. Lift the handset.
3. Begin the conversation, you will be automatically connected to the caller.
If the handset is not sitting in the cradle
I. Press the handset FALK], [ICM], or any of the handset dial keys.
2. Begin the conversation.
NOTE: lfyour phone is set on DND when you receive an intercom call, even though you will not hear
you still have the option
will see the number of the incoming caller on your display.
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answering the call by pressing the [KM] or [SPKR] key. If the phone is idle, you
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