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Telephone Features; New Call/Message Waiting Indicator; Conference Calling - IBM -4900 Installation And Operation Manual

Advanced home/office 4 line cordless telephone with caller id
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This LED indicator is located at the lower right corner of the phone display. It functions as both a ' New
Calls' and a ' Message Waiting' (voice mail) indicator.
Calls Indicator
The new calls indicator (LED) will light whenever the phone receives a call. The LED light will be con-
stant (non-flashing). Once the new calls have been reviewed by scrolling through the Caller ID log, the
light will go out. The light will also go out whenever all entries in the Caller ID log are erased by press-
ing the [ERASE] key from the Caller ID calls summary screen.
Message Waiting Indicator
This indicator functions only if you subscribe to voice mail service from your local telephone company.
When activated, this feature alerts you when messages have been left in your voice mailbox.
You will be able to easily see that messages have been left by the flashing [MSG] LED (as described
above, if this LED is lit but not flashing it is simply an indication that new calls have been received).
NOTE: This function requires voice mail subscription from the local telephone company. Furthermore, the
local phone company must provide a type
pany to see ifit can provide "FSK-based voice mail".
Accessing Voice Mail
I. Dial the number for your voice messaging service. This number will be provided by your local
telephone company when you subscribe to the service.
2. Enter your password.
3. Continue as instructed by your local telephone company.
4. Once you have listened to your messages and hung up the phone, the [MSG] LED will stop flash-
NOTE: You can use Speed Dial keys to make access to the voice mail service very convenient. Using the
Pause function, you can even save the voice mail phone
When speaking with an outside party, you can include a third person into the conversation for a
person conference call. The third person may be an internal or external party.
SMARTHOME.COM™ 1-800-SMART-HOME 949-221-9200
of voice mail signaling called "FSK". Check with your phone com-
number and your password on one [SPEED DIAL]
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