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Selecting A Location To Install Your Telephone; Cordless Handset Setup - IBM -4900 Installation And Operation Manual

Advanced home/office 4 line cordless telephone with caller id
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The telephone may be used on a desk or mounted on a wall. Locate the base for optimal performance.
Where you place the telephone base unit affects the reception quality of the handset. Choose the best
location by following these suggestions:
I. Place the base in a central location for optimal coverage.
2. Place the base near an AC electrical outlet and near telephone line jacks.
3. Place the base away from metal walls and metal file cabinets.
4. Do not place the base near a TV set or other electronic devices.
5. Do not place the base near another cordless telephone.
6. Do not place the base unit near a microwave.
7. Do not place the base in a location where it will face excessive heat, low temperatures, moisture,
or dust.
8. Raise the base unit' s antenna making sure it points towards the ceiling.


I. Install the handset antenna by screwing it into the handset housing so that it is secure
2. Install the battery pack as instructed. Once you have installed the battery pack and placed the
handset on the base you will hear a signal indicating the handset security code has been success-
fully set.
3. Charge the battery pack for at least I2 hours before using the handset the first time.
NOTE: The handset security code may be
SMARTHOME.COM™ 1-800-SMART-HOME 949-221-9200
reset by lifting the idle handset from the base, pressing the
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