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Caller Id Service; Caller Identification Display; Using The Caller Id Log - IBM -4900 Installation And Operation Manual

Advanced home/office 4 line cordless telephone with caller id
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This feature requires Caller ID subscription from the local telephone company. If you have multiple
phone lines, you need to subscribe to Caller ID service on each line (defined as each different phone
number) in order for Caller ID to display on those lines.


Caller ID Displayed when Phone is Idle
I. The phone rings, signaling an outside call.
2. The display shows the caller' s name and number and line that the call is coming in on.
3. The display returns to the normal display mode after approximately 5 seconds if the caller hangs
up before the call is answered or if the call is picked up by another phone in the system.
Simultaneous Caller ID Signals (Ringing on Multiple Lines)
The Caller ID function will support up to four incoming calls at once. The [CALL ID] key is used to
scroll through the incoming Caller ID displays. An example of this follows:
I. The phone rings on two lines (for example, first on LINE I and then on LINE 3).
2. The display will show the caller information for the call that came in first LINE I.
3. Press the [CALL ID] key to display information about the caller on the second ringing line (LINE
NOTE: The IBM-4900 [CALL ID] key is only usable in speakerphone mode.
Caller ID Displayed on Phone when in Use
After placing a
I. The phone rings, signaling an incoming outside call.
2. The display shows the caller' s name and phone number and Line number.
a call, incoming calls on other lines will not be displayed
NOTE: After receiving
erphone mode. Although not displayed, these records are stored and may be viewed (after you
the Caller ID log.


The BE-4900 will store the last 30 Caller ID records. Once 30 calls have been received, unless some of
the calls are erased, new calls with replace the oldest existing ones.
SMARTHOME.COM™ 1-800-SMART-HOME 949-221-9200
calls on other lines are displayed as follows:
unless the phone is in speak-
hang up) using
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