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Last Number Redial; Tone - IBM -4900 Installation And Operation Manual

Advanced home/office 4 line cordless telephone with caller id
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Dialing Numbers in the First Speed Dial Group
I. Press the [SPEED DIAL] key. The phone will access the first available line and automatically dial
the stored number. The number will be shown on the display.
Dialing Numbers in the Second Speed Dial Group
I. Press the [SHIFT] key. The [SHIFT] LED will light.
2. Press the [SPEED DIAL] key to automatically access an available line and the extension will auto-
matically dial the stored number.
Erasing First Group Speed Dial Numbers
Press the [STORE] key.
2. Press
3. Press the [SPEED DIAL] key you which to erase. A ring will be heard signaling successful deletion
of the Speed Dial number.
Erasing Second Group Speed Dial Numbers
I. Press the [STORE] key.
2. Press
3. Press [SHIFT].
4. Press the [SPEED DIAL] key you wish to erase.


The telephone automatically stores the last phone number dialed. To automatically re-dial that number:
I. Press the [REDIAL] key. The extension will pick up an available outside line, and dial the last num-
ber dialed automatically.
If you have PULSE telephone service, you may find it necessary to dial a number in TONE because
some specialized communication services require signaling. Your phone has the ability to change from
PULSE to TONE dialing touch-tone.
I. Dial the desired number in PULSE mode.
2. Press the
you terminate the call.
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