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Using The M U T E Function; Last Number Redial; Automatic Redial - IBM -4900 Installation And Operation Manual

Advanced home/office 4 line cordless telephone with caller id
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cancel mute
Press the [MUTE] key again to restore the sound to the other party. The [MUTE] LED will turn off.


The IBM-4900 automatically stores the last phone number dialed. To redial that number:
I. Press the [REDIAL] key on the base or the [REDIAL] key on the handset. The phone will automati-
cally select the first available line and dial the last number dialed.


If the phone number dialed is busy or not answered, the phone base (this can not be done using the
handset) can automatically redial the number approximately every 60 seconds up to IO times. You will
hear either the busy signal or ring signal for approximately 30 seconds each time the number is dialed,
followed by approximately 30 seconds of silence before the number is again dialed.
To activate Auto Redial
Press an available [LINE] key on the telephone base.
I. Press [REDIAL], the [REDIAL] LED will flash indicating the phone is in Auto Redial mode.
cancel Auto Redial
Press the [REDIAL] key on the base. Hang up by pressing the [SPKR] key.
If the Party You are Calling Answers
Press the [REDIAL] key to cancel Auto Redial and speak using the speakerphone.
Lift the handset to cancel Auto Redial and speak using the cordless handset.
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