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Useful Features And Terms; I I - IBM -4900 Installation And Operation Manual

Advanced home/office 4 line cordless telephone with caller id
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Auto Line Selection - Automatically selects
first available line for outgoing calls. Automati-
cally selects ringing line for incoming calls.
Auto Redial - Redials the last number dialed
approximately every 60 seconds.
Battery Backup - Compartment on base for
charging spare battery.
Calendar/Clock - Visual display of date, day
and time.
Caller ID - Enables user to view name and
number of callers. Contact your local tele-
phone company to subscribe to Caller ID Ser-
Caller ID Log - Stores up to 30 Caller ID en-
Call Privacy - Ensures that no one can access
your call while you are on the line.
Call Timer - Allows timing of phone conversa-
Call Transfer - Allows the user to transfer an
outside call to another extension.
Conferencing - Allows inclusion of a third per-
son into a conversation for a three-party con-
ference call.
Data/FAX Port - Allows connection of a PC or
FAX machine directly into the phone versus a
wall outlet. Requires line
Dial from Display - One-button dialing from
the Caller ID log.
Display - The Liquid Crystal Display (LCD) that
shows clock and calendar, number dialed, in-
tercom, page, extension, low battery indica-
tor, Caller ID information and call timer.
Do Not Disturb (DND) - Prevents any incom-
ing calls (paging, intercom or outside) from
being heard by that extension.
Extension - An individual telephone in the sys-
Flash - A signal sent by the phone to the local
telephone company supporting services such
SMARTHOME.COM™ 1-800-SMART-HOME 949-221-9200
as call waiting.
Headset Integration - The included headset
may be used as a substitute to the handset,
allowing hands free conversation.
Hold - Permits user to place a call on hold. Al-
lows access by that user or by any other ex-
tension in the system.
Intercom Calling - A call placed from one ex-
tension to another extension within the sys-
Message Waiting Indicator - A visual indica-
tor that there are new messages in your
voicemail box. Requires FSK signaling by
phone company. Contact your local telephone
company to subscribe to Voicemail Service.
Multi-line Capability - System supports from
I to 4 phone lines.
Mute - Prevents the party on the other end of
the line from hearing local conversation.
New Calls Indicator - A visual indicator that
new calls have been received.
Page - An announcement placed from one ex-
tension to another extension.
Page All -An announcement from one exten-
sion to all other extensions.
Redial - Performs single button dialing of last
number dialed.
Ringer Level Control - Permits adjustment of
the ringer volume level.
Shift - This button enables user to switch be-
tween the upper and lower functions of select
keys such as speed dial.
Speakerphone - Allows hands-free conversa-
Speed Dialing - Allows programming of fre-
quently dialed numbers so that they can be
dialed with the single press of a button.
Tone/Pulse Option - Enables you to switch
from pulse (rotary) to tone dialing.
Volume Level Control - Permits volume ad-
justment of the handset, headset and speaker-
phone during a conversation.


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