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Care And Maintenance - IBM -4900 Installation And Operation Manual

Advanced home/office 4 line cordless telephone with caller id
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Your IBM-4900 telephone has been designed to give years of trouble free service. It is a sensitive elec-
tromechanical instrument. To assure its longevity, please read the following maintenance instructions.
Keep the IBM-4900 away from heat as high temperatures can shorten the life of the electrical com-
ponents and distort or melt its plastic parts.
2. The IBM-4900 should be kept free of dust and moisture. If it gets wet, wipe it dry immediately. Liq-
uids can contain minerals that can corrode electronic circuits.
3. Handle your IBM-4900 gently and carefully. Dropping it can cause serious damage to circuitry, or the
plastic case, which may result in causing it to malfunction.
4. Do not use any type of chemical or any abrasive powder to clean the cabinet. Use only mild deter-
gents on a soft, damp cloth to clean the IBM-4900 telephone.
5. The IBM-4900 has built-in surge protection circuits that meet or exceed FCC requirements. How-
ever, an incident such as a lightning strike at or near the telephone lines, could cause serious dam-
6. If the IBM-4900 is installed in an area with frequent or severe electrical storms, it is suggested that
the telephone be disconnected during these storms or that additional surge suppression equipment
be added to the installation.
7. In the case of trouble with the telephone, do not attempt to repair the telephone yourself. It is the
responsibility of users requiring service to report the need for service to our Service Department.
They will make the necessary arrangements for repair or replacement.
8. If you should have any questions about the operation of your IBM-4900 telephone, please call our
Service Department at I-800-276-5844, between the hours of 9:00 a.m. and
Or you may contact TT Systems Corporation for technical assistance via our Internet
SMARTHOME.COM™ 1-800-SMART-HOME 949-221-9200
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