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disconnecting the device to help avoid possible damage to the system board.
Clean the display with a soft, clean cloth and commercial window cleaner that does not contain wax or
abrasives. Apply the cleaner to the cloth; then stroke the cloth across the display in one direction,
moving from the top of the display to the bottom. If the display contains grease or some other
contaminant, use isopropyl alcohol instead of commercial window cleaner.
If your computer gets wet or is damaged, follow the procedures described in
after following these procedures, you confirm that your computer is not operating properly,

Ergonomic Computing Habits

CAUTION: Improper or prolonged keyboard use may result in injury.
CAUTION: Viewing the display or external monitor screen for extended periods of
time may result in eye strain.
For comfort and efficiency, observe the following ergonomic guidelines when setting up and using your
Position your computer directly in front of you as you work.
Adjust the tilt of the computer's display, its contrast and/or brightness settings, and the lighting around
you (such as overhead lights, desk lamps, and the curtains or blinds on nearby windows) to minimize
reflections and glare on the display.
When using an external monitor with your computer, set the monitor at a comfortable viewing distance
(usually 510 to 610 millimeters [20 to 24 inches] from your eyes). Make sure the monitor screen is at
eye level or slightly lower when you are sitting in front of the monitor.
Use a chair that provides good lower-back support.
Keep your forearms horizontal with your wrists in a neutral, comfortable position while using the
keyboard, touch pad, track stick, or external mouse.
Always use the palmrest with the keyboard, touch pad, or track stick. Leave space to rest your hands
when using an external mouse.
Let your upper arms hang naturally at your sides.
Sit erect with your feet resting on the floor and your thighs level.
When sitting, make sure the weight of your legs is on your feet and not on the front of your chair seat.
Adjust your chair's height or use a footrest, if necessary, to maintain proper posture.
Vary your work activities. Try to organize your work so that you do not have to type for extended
periods of time. When you stop typing, try to do things that use both hands.
Solutions." If,


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