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PC Cards
The computer has a slot into which you can
2.01 of the Personal Computer Memory Card International Association (PCMCIA) standard and Release 4.2
of the Japanese Electronic Industry Development Association (JEIDA) standard. See
Specifications" for information on supported PC Cards.
NOTES: A PC Card is not a boot device. The "type" of a card refers to its thickness, not its
Your computer recognizes most I/O cards and automatically loads the device driver associated with
that card.
NOTICE: Extended cards are longer versions of standard PC Cards. They fit into and
operate correctly with your computer. Follow these precautions when using extended
PC Cards:
Make sure that nothing strikes the exposed end of an installed extended card.
Otherwise, damage to the system board can occur.
Always remove an extended PC Card before you pack the computer in its carrying
Try installing an extended card in the upper PC Card connector to allow room for a
second PC Card.

Installing PC Cards

1. Stop the card process with the PC Card configuration utility on the task bar.
You do not need to turn off your computer or exit suspend or standby mode before you install a
PC Card.
2. If necessary, remove the blank from the PC Card connector you intend to use (see
Cards or
3. Hold the card with its orientation symbol pointing into the slot and the top side of the card facing up.
4. Insert the card into the slot, press in firmly until the card is completely seated in the internal PC Card
connector (see
PC Cards are generally marked with a symbol, such as a triangle or an arrow, to indicate which
end should be inserted into the slot. The cards are keyed to prevent incorrect insertion. If card
orientation is not clear, see the documentation that came with the card.
Figure 8. Installing a PC Card
8), and rotate the PC Card eject button to its original position.
up to two PC Cards if the PC Cards comply with Release
"Removing PC


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