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assigned, and write it down. Also write down the name, address, and telephone number of the
law enforcement agency. If possible, obtain the name of the investigating officer.
If you know where the computer was lost or stolen, call a law enforcement agency in that area. If
you do not know, call a law enforcement agency where you live.
2. If the computer belongs to a company, notify the security office of the firm.
3. Call Dell technical assistance to report the missing computer.
Provide the computer's service tag number, the case number, and the name, address, and
telephone number of the law enforcement agency to which you reported the missing computer. If
possible, give the name of the investigating officer.
The Dell support technician will log your report under the computer's service tag number and flag
the computer as missing or stolen. If someone calls Dell for technical assistance and gives your
service tag number, the computer is identified automatically as missing or stolen. The technician
will attempt to get the phone number and address of the caller. Dell will then contact the law
enforcement agency to which you made the report of the missing or stolen computer.
Preparing Your Computer for Travel
To prepare your computer for travel, perform the following steps:
1. Remove any external devices attached to the computer, and store them in a safe place. If a diskette is
in the diskette drive, remove it. Remove any cables attached to installed PC Cards (you do not have to
remove the PC Cards themselves).
2. To make the computer as light as possible, remove the storage device (if installed) from the modular
bay and install the travel module.
3. To maximize battery life, check the charge on your battery. Then fully charge the battery and any
spares you plan to carry with you.
4. Turn off the computer.
NOTICE: When you disconnect the AC adapter from the computer, grasp the adapter
cable's connector, not the cable itself, and pull gently but firmly to avoid damaging the
Disconnect the AC adapter.
NOTICE: When the display is closed, items left on the keyboard could damage the
6. Make sure that there is nothing on the keyboard and palmrest that can damage the display when you
close it. Then close the display.
7. Pack all your computing accessories.
With the optional Dell carrying case, you can pack the computer and its accessories together.


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