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Dell Latitude C600 User Manual: External Numeric Keypad; Serial Devices; Infrared Port

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On an external keyboard, the <Scroll Lock> key acts the same way as the <Fn> key on the computer's
keyboard (if the External Hot Key option is enabled in the

External Numeric Keypad

When you attach an external numeric keypad to the computer, the numeric keypad on the computer
keyboard is automatically disabled. The lights on the integrated keyboard track the operation of an external
numeric keypad.

Serial Devices

To attach a serial device to the computer, use the 9-pin serial connector.
The serial port passes data in serial format (one bit at a time over one line). This port supports a variety of
devices that require serial data transmission, including a serial mouse, serial printer, plotter, or external
AC Adapter
You can attach the
AC adapter
converts AC power to the DC power required by the computer.
You can connect the AC adapter with your computer turned either on or off.
The AC adapter works with electrical outlets worldwide. However, power connectors vary among countries.
Before using AC power in a foreign country, you may need to obtain a new power cable designed for use in
that country.

Infrared Port

The computer's infrared (IR) port lets you transfer files from your computer to another IR-compatible device
without using cable connections. When you receive your computer, the IR port is disabled. You can
by selecting the appropriate setting for the Infrared Data Port option in the system setup
the IR port
After you enable the IR port, to transfer files:
1. Point the computer's IR port directly at the compatible device's IR port. IR devices transmit data in a
30-degree cone of IR light.
2. Start the data communications software on both devices, and then begin to transfer files. Read the
documentation that came with your compatible device to make sure that you operate it correctly.
NOTES: Make sure that no books, papers, or other objects come between the two IR devices and
that the two devices are within the 30-degree cone.
If the IR device does not work, the computer and device may be misaligned. Move the device and
to the computer by using the AC adapter connector. The AC adapter
system setup


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