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Contacting Dell: Dell™ Latitude™ C600/C500 User's Guide
International Dialing Codes
Americas Contact Numbers
When you need to contact Dell, use the telephone numbers, codes, and electronic addresses provided in the
following sections.
"International Dialing
and international calls.
Regions Contact
Numbers" provide local telephone numbers, area codes, toll-free numbers, and e-mail
addresses, if applicable, for each department or service available in various countries around the world.
If you are making a direct-dialed call to a location outside of your local telephone service area, determine
which codes to use (if any) in
other sections.
For example, to place an international call from Paris, France to Bracknell, England, dial the international
access code for France followed by the country code for the U.K., the city code for Bracknell, and then the
local number as shown in the following illustration:
To place a long-distance call within your own country, use area codes instead of international access codes,
country codes, and city codes. For example, to call Paris, France from Montpellier, France, dial the area code
plus the local number as shown in the following illustration:
The codes required depend on where you are calling from as well as the destination of your call; in addition,
each country has a different dialing protocol. If you need assistance in determining which codes to use,
contact a local or an international operator.
NOTES: Toll-free numbers are for use only within the country for which they are listed. Area codes
are most often used to call long distance within your own country (not internationally)—in other words,
when your call originates in the same country you are calling.
Have your Express Service Code ready when you call. The code helps Dell's automated-support
telephone system direct your call more efficiently.
Codes" provides the various codes required to make long-distance
"Americas Contact
"International Dialing
Europe Contact Numbers
Asia and Other Regions Contact Numbers
"Europe Contact
Numbers," and
Codes," in addition to the local numbers provided in the
"Asia and Other


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