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KORG SP-300 User Manual: Connecting External Sources; Turning The Instrument On; Turning The Internal Speakers On Or Off; Adjusting The Volume

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Connecting external sources

Connect any other electronic musical instrument, a mixer's output, or a CD/tape
player, to the INPUTS on the back of the instrument. These inputs expect a line-
level signal. To connect a microphone, you need a dedicated microphone preampli-
fier or a mixer.
Warning: Avoid connecting the output of a power amplifier to these inputs!.

Turning the instrument on

Insert the DC plug of the supplied AC adapter into the DC inlet of the SP-300, and
then connect the AC plug to a wall socket; then press the POWER switch. When the
instrument is on, the LEDs on the control panel will light up. To turn the instrument
off, press the POWER switch again.
Note: When the instrument is turned off, all parameters are reset.

Turning the internal speakers on or off

Whether you prefer listening to the internal speakers or to an external amplification
system, you can turn the internal speakeers on or off. Use the SPEAKER ON/OFF
switch on the back panel to turn them on or off.

Adjusting the volume

Move the MASTER VOLUME slider towards the right to increase the volume;
towards the left to decrease the volume. The maximum is "10"; the minimum
(silence) is "0". This control adjusts the output level of the headphones, the internal
speakers and of the OUTPUTs. It does not control the input level of the audio
source connected to the INPUTs.
Note: It is always better to start with a low volume and then increase gradually.

Listening to the Demo

The SP-300 contains 30 pre-recorded demo songs. Listen to them to experience the
rich sound and expressive potential of this instrument.
Listen to all songs at once.
Press the DEMO button (or keep the TRANSPOSE/FUNCTION button pressed,
and press E1 on the keyboard). The sound selection buttons LED will blink sequen-
Before you begin
You can listen to all demo songs with a single com-



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