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KORG SP-300 User Manual: Transpose; Fine Tuning

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In some cases, a song may be written in a difficult key (e.g., many black keys), or
you may wish to shift the pitch to match another instrument or vocalist. In such
cases, you can transpose (shift the pitch) so that you can use an easier fingering, or
use the same familiar fingering to play at a different pitch. This is called the Trans-
pose function.
For example if you transpose upward by one semitone, playing the notes shown at
the lower left will produce the pitches shown at the right.
Note: When the instrument is turned on, the transposing is reset.
Hold the TRANSPOSE/FUNCTION button, and press the key on keyboard that
corresponds to the transpose you wish to carry out (see table). The TRANSPOSE/
FUNTION LED will remain lit up, to indicate that the transpose function is active.
F#6 — B6
C#7 — F7
To get back to standard pitch, hold the TRANSPOSE/FUNCTION button and press
the C7 key. The TRANSPOSE/FUNCTION LED will turn off.

Fine tuning

In order to adapt the SP-300 pitch to that of another instrument, you can adjust the
pitch in steps of 0.5 Hz over a range of A4 = 427.5 ~ 452.5 Hz. The standard tuning
is A4 = 440 Hz.
Note: The pitch will go back to standard level (A4 = 440 Hz) when the instrument is
turned off, then on again.
6 — 1 semitones below
Standard pitch
1 — 5 semitones higher
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