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Korg MMT RADIAS Owner's Manual: Troubleshooting

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Before you suspect a malfunction, please check the fol-
lowing points.
Power does not turn on
• Is the AC/AC adaptor connected to an AC outlet?
☞p.16 "1. Connecting the AC/AC power supply"
• Is the [ON/STANDBY] switch turned on?
☞p.19 "Turning the power on/off"
No sound
• Are the connected equipment or headphones con-
nected to the correct jacks?
☞p.16 "2. Connecting external audio equipment"
• Is your connected equipment powered-on?
• Is the [VOLUME] knob set to a position where
sound will be produced?
☞p.19 "Adjusting the volume"
• Is the Global mode P04: MIDI page "LocalCtrl" set-
ting turned ON?
☞p.116 "LocalCtrl (Local Control)"
• Are there any volume-related parameters that are
set to a volume of 0?
☞p.86 "OSC1 Lvl (OSC1 Level)  OSC1 "
☞p.88 "Level (Amp Level)  LEVEL "
• Is the FILTER "Cutoff" set to 0?
☞p.112 "P07 FILTER"
• Is there a pedal connected to the RADIAS that
could be affecting the output?
Sound does not stop
• Is the Global mode P08: PEDAL/SW page
"A.SWFunc" setting appropriate for the pedal
switch that is connected?
☞p.119 "A.SwFunc (Assignable Switch Function)"
Can't write program or global settings
• Is the Global mode P02: MEMORY page "Protect"
setting OFF?
☞p.69 "Disabling memory protect"
☞p.115 "Protect"
Transpose or velocity curve settings are not transmitted/
received correctly
• Is the Global mode P01: GLOBAL page "Position"
set appropriately?
☞p.114 "Position"
Arpeggiator or step sequencer do not start
• Is the arpeggiator or step sequencer turned on
button LED lit)?
☞p.13 "[ON] button"
• Is the arpeggiator or step sequencer assigned to the
timbre you're using?
☞p.47 "Assigning the arpeggiator to a timbre"
☞p.50 "Preparations for recording"
• Is the Global mode P04: MIDI page "Clock" set to
☞p.117 "Clock"
Does not respond to MIDI data received from an external
• Is the MIDI cable connected correctly?
☞p.17 "MIDI channel settings – Getting ready to
• Does the MIDI channel of the data transmitted by
the external MIDI device match the RADIAS' glo-
bal MIDI channel?
☞p.16 "Setup"
• Are the various parameters in the Global mode P06:
MIDI FILTER page set to ?
☞p.118 "P06–1: MIDI FILTER"
Unable to receive sound
• Is the audio source correctly connected to the rear
panel input jacks?
☞p.16 "Setup"
• Is the front panel AUDIO IN [1/INST] or [2/
VOICE] knob adjusted to the appropriate input
☞p.26 "Processing an external audio source"


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