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Korg MMT RADIAS Owner's Manual Page 149

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Sets the balance between the effect and dry sounds.
VoiceCtrl (Voice Control)
[Bottom, –62...–01, Center, +01...+62, Top]
Voice pattern control.
Vo Top (Voice Top)
Selects a vowel sound at the top end of control.
Vo Center (Voice Center)
Selects a vowel sound in the center of control.
Vo Bottom (Voice Bottom)
Selects a vowel sound at the bottom end of control.
Example: If you set "Vo Top" to A, "Vo Center" to I, and
"Vo Bottom" to U.
When "Mod Int"=+63, the vowel sound will change
through "Aaa" (Voice Top) ➝ "Eee" (Voice Center) ➝
"Uuu" (Voice Bottom) according to the value of the
modulation source.
When "Mod Int"=–63, the vowel sound will change
through "Uuu" (Voice Bottom) ➝ "Eee" (Voice Center)
➝ "Aaa" (Voice Top) according to the value of the mod-
ulation source.
When "Mod Int"=0, the vowel sound is fixed at "Eee"
(Voice Center).
Voice Bottom
Ctrl Src = P.Bend
- Max
Mod Int = –63
+ Max
- Max
Ctrl Src = P.Bend
Sets the intensity of resonance for the voice pattern. A
larger value will add more character to the sound.
Sets the degree of distortion.
Mod Src (Modulation Source)
Selects the modulation source.
Mod Int (Modulation Intensity)
Sets the depth of modulation produced by the modula-
tion source.
Response (Mod Response)
Adjusts the response to the modulation effect. A setting
of 0 produces a slow response.
[Dry, 99:1...1:99, Wet]
[A, I, U, E, O]
[A, I, U, E, O]
[A, I, U, E, O]
Talking Modulator Control
Voice Center
Voice Top
Mod Int = +63
+ Max
+ Max
Mod Int = +32
Mod Int = 0
+ Max
[Auto, LFO, Ctrl]
Env Sens (Envelope Sensitivity)
When "Mod Src" is Auto, adjusts the sensitivity of auto
Env Shape (Envelope Shape)
When "Mod Src" is Auto, specifies the sweep curve.
TempoSync (LFO Tempo Sync)
Specifies whether the LFO cycle will be synchronized
with the tempo specified by the [TEMPO] knob or MIDI
☞p.125 "TempoSync (LFO Tempo Sync)"
LFO Freq (LFO Frequency)
Sets the LFO speed.
☞p.125 "LFO Freq (LFO Frequency)"
Sync Note (LFO Sync Note)
Sets the LFO frequency as a proportion of the tempo set
by the [TEMPO] knob. This parameter will be displayed
and can be set if "TempoSync" is On.
☞p.125 "Sync Note (LFO Sync Note)"
LFO Wave (LFO Waveform)
Selects the LFO waveform.
☞p.125 "LFO Wave (LFO Waveform)"
LFO Shape
☞p.125 "LFO Shape"
Key Sync (LFO KeySync)
Specifies whether the LFO will be reset by note-on.
☞p.125 "Key Sync (LFO KeySync)"
InitPhase (LFO Init Phase)
Sets the starting location of the waveform. This parame-
ter will be displayed and can be set if "Key Sync" is Tim-
☞p.125 "InitPhase (LFO Init Phase)"
Ctrl Src (Control Source)
Selects the control source. The selected source will con-
trol the filter. This parameter will be displayed and can
be set if "Mod Src" is Ctrl.
☞p.125 "Ctrl Src (Control Source)"
Effect parameters
[Off, On]
[Saw, Squ, Tri, Sin, S&H]
[Off, Timbre]
[Off, Velocity...MIDI5]


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