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Korg MMT RADIAS Owner's Manual: Program Parameters; Name; P01 Name; Program Common

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Program parameters are the individual parameters that
together determine the sound of a program.
If you want to keep the edits you've made to a pro-
gram, you must execute the Write operation. Refer
to p.32 "Saving an edited program."

1. Name


These parameters specify the name and category of the
program, and the names of the timbres used in the pro-
P01–1: PROG (Program Name)
Here you can name or rename the selected program, and
assign it to a specific category.
0: Category
The program will be assigned to the category you select
It is often convenient to select programs by category. For
details on selecting programs by category, refer to p.21
"Selecting programs by category."
1: Program Name
Specifies the name of the program.
To specify the name, use the cursor buttons and the
[PROGRAM/VALUE] dial, or use the [EDIT/YES] but-
ton and the sixteen knobs.
The following characters are available:
For details on entering a name, refer to p.35 "How to as-
sign a name."

Program parameters

[space, !...']
P01–2: TIMBRE (Timbre Name)
Here you can specify the name of the timbre selected by
the front panel TIMBRE SELECT [1]–[4] buttons.
1: Timbre Name
Specifies the name of the timbre.
The available characters and the entry method are the
same as for the program name.
For details on entering a name, refer to p.35 "How to as-
sign a name."

2. Program Common

These parameters are common to the entire currently se-
lected program.
Parameters displayed in uppercase and enclosed
in angle brackets (< >) are parameters that can be
edited using the front panel knobs or buttons.


(Program Common Parameters)

P02–1: PROG (Program Common)
Here you can turn the vocoder on/off, specify the scale
type used by the program, specify the object that the
front panel knobs and buttons will edit, and choose the
illumination pattern for the 16KEYS [1]–[16] keys.
1: Vocoder VOCODER
Specifies whether this program will use the vocoder.
This setting will change the available number of
[space, !...']
[Off, On]


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