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Korg MMT RADIAS Owner's Manual: Vocoder Parameters; P06 Carrier

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Program parameters

6. Vocoder Parameters

These are the vocoder-related parameters.
To edit the vocoder parameters used in a program, press
the TIMBRE SELECT [VOCODER] button and then the
[EDIT] button to enter the Vocoder Edit mode(☞p.56
"Vocoder settings")
The parameters of the P1: NAME and P2: COMMON
pages are the same as in the Program Edit mode. For de-
tails on these parameters, refer to p.74 "P01 NAME" and
p.74 "P02 COMMON (Program Common Parameters)."


These are the parameters that relate to the vocoder car-
rier signal.
P06–1: LEVEL
Here you can select the carrier, and set the input level
and output level of the carrier.
In the RADIAS' vocoder, two input sources "input
source 1" and "input source 2" are mixed and used as
the carrier. The level of each source can be set indepen-
1: InSrc1 (In Source 1)
Selects from timbres 1–4 to be used as input source 1.
The mono-mixed signal from the amp section output of
the timbre (the signal before entering the insert effects)
will be the input source.
2: InSrc1Lvl (In Source 1 Level) SRC1  [000...127]
Sets the volume of input source 1.
3: InSrc2 (In Source 2)
Selects input source 2.
The INPUT 1 jack will be input source 2.
The L+R channels (mono-mixed) of the internal bus
(program output) will be input source 2.
For details on internal bus routing, refer to the di-
agram of p.5 "How a program is structured."
The L channel of the internal bus will be input source 2.
The R channel of the internal bus will be input source 2.
4: InSrc2Lvl (In Source 2 Level)  SRC2 
Sets the volume of input source 2.
Sets the output level of the vocoder.
P06–2: BAND PRM (Band Parameters)
Here you can specify the output level and panning (ste-
reo position) for each of the sixteen filters of the carrier.
To edit the output level and panpot settings, you can use
the cursor buttons and the [PROGRAM/VALUE] dial,
or you can use the MOD SEQUENCER [SELECT] button
to select LEVEL (MOD1) or PAN (MOD2) and use the
sixteen knobs to edit the settings. (☞p.57 "Filter set-
1: Band
Selects the filter whose output level or panning you will
2: Level  LEVEL 
Sets the output level of the filter.
3: Pan  PAN 
Sets the panning of the filter.
If you're using the internal bus as an input source,
you must first use the Program Edit mode P03–2:
TIMBRE – OUT tab page to assign the timbre out-
put to the internal bus. (☞p.78 "P03–2: OUT (Tim-
bre Output)")
When using the sixteen knobs to edit, they will
correspond to bands 1, 2, 3 ... etc. from the left.


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