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Korg MMT RADIAS Owner's Manual: Sending Sound Data And Other Settings (data Dump)

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Resetting all controllers of a channel
Reset all controllers (CC#121) [Bn, 79, 00]
(value is 00)
When a Reset All Controllers message is received, the
value of all operating controllers on that channel will be
Synchronizing the arpeggiator, step
sequencer, modulation sequencer, and
If the RADIAS' arpeggiator is synchronized to a con-
nected external MIDI device, you can use Start/Stop
system realtime messages to control the arpeggiator and
step sequencers.
Start [FA]
When a Start message [FA] is received, the arpeggiator
will start from the first note that is played. The step se-
quencers will start from step 1.
If the "Key Sync" of the modulation sequencer or LFO is
turned off, the phase will be reset.
Stop [FC]
When a Stop message [FC] is received, the arpeggiator
and step sequencers will stop. Since this is not an "off"
message, the arpeggiator will start again when it is trig-
System exclusive messages
RADIAS format
F0: Exclusive status
42: Korg ID
3n: [n=0–F] global MIDI channel
72: RADIAS model ID
ff: function ID (type of message)
F7: End of exclusive
Universal system exclusive
Certain types of system exclusive messages are defined
for public use, and these are called Universal System Ex-
clusive messages.
Of these universal system exclusive messages, the RA-
DIAS responds to master volume and master fine tun-
Master volume [F0, 7F, nn, 04, 01, vv, mm, F7]
(vv: lower byte of value, mm: upper byte of value. Vol-
ume at maximum when mm,vv=7F, 7F. Volume at zero
when mm, vv=00,00)
The overall volume of the entire RADIAS is adjusted
when this master volume message is received.
Master volume does not affect the INDIV.OUT
Master fine tuning [F0, 7F, nn, 04, 03, vv, mm, F7]
(A value of 8192 [mm, vv=40,00] sets the tuning to center
position (0 cents, A4=440.0 Hz), a value of 4096 [mm,
vv=20,00] sets the tuning to –50 cents, and a value of
12288 [mm, vv=60,00] sets the tuning to +50 cents.)
When this master fine tuning message is received, the
Global mode P01: GLOBAL page "Mst Tune" setting is
ignored, and the received value will determine the over-
all pitch.
Sending sound data and other
settings (Data Dump)
Program data and global data can be transmitted as
MIDI exclusive data.
The operation of transmitting this type of MIDI exclu-
sive data to an external MIDI device is called a "data
dump." By performing a data dump, you can store var-
ious types of data on an external MIDI device, or load
the same settings into another RADIAS synthesizer.
The RADIAS can transmit the following data dumps.
• In the Global mode P05: MIDI DUMP page, you can
specify and dump various types of data. (All Data,
All Prog, 1 Prog, All D.Kit, 1 D.Kit, All Tempo, Glo-
If a data dump for 1 Prog/1 D.Kit is received, the
settings of the currently selected program (or drum
kit) will be overwritten by the data that is received.
If a data dump for All, All Prog, All D.Kit, All Temp,
or Global is received, it will be written directly into
the RADIAS' internal memory. You do not need to
perform the Write operation.
• When a dump request is received from an external
device, the RADIAS will transmit the requested
type of data dump.
In order to receive data dumps, the Global mode
P06: MIDI FILTER page "SystemEx" setting must
be . If this is set to ✕, data dumps will not be re-


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