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SEQ COMMON parameter settings
Before you create the sequence data, use the SEQ COMMON parameters to specify the number of steps in
the sequence, and how the data will play back.
Specifying the sequence data for each step
Go to the Program Edit mode P12–1: MOD SEQ –
COMN tab page.
Use "LastStep" to specify the length of the sequence
(the number of steps).
You can specify any length from 1–16 steps.
Use "SeqType" to specify the direction in which the
steps will play back.
In this example, choose Forward.
Use "RunMode" to specify how the sequence will loop.
For this example choose Loop.
Use "KeySync" to specify how the sequence will be reset by a note-on.
For this example choose Timbre.
Use "Resolutn" to specify the note length of each step, based on the tempo of the internal clock.
In this example, set the resolution to 1/16 (sixteenth note resolution). Each step of the sequence
will have the duration of a sixteenth note.
For details on this parameter, refer to p.92 "P12 MOD SEQ (Modulation Sequencer)."
Go to the P12–2: MOD SEQ – SEQ1 tab page.
Use "Knob" to select Fil1Cut.
This assigns SEQ1 to the Filter 1 cutoff.
Press the MOD SEQUENCER [ON] button.
The [ON] button LED will light, and the modulation
sequencer will be turned on.
Use the MOD SEQUENCER [SELECT] button to
select MOD1.
Hold down a key so you can hear the sound, and use the sixteen knobs to specify the sequence
data for each step.
The value of each step specifies the amount of change applied to the assigned parameter. If you
want to make finer adjustments to the value, use the [PROGRAM/VALUE] dial.
If the MOD SEQUENCER [SELECT] button is set to EDIT, the sixteen knobs are used to edit the
sound of the program (for example, the EG or LFO parameters). If the [SELECT] button is set to
MOD1 or another modulation sequencer, the sixteen knobs are used to specify the sequence data.
The number printed below each knob corresponds to the step number within the sequence. Turn
the knob for the step you want to edit. In the P12–2: MOD SEQ – SEQ1 tab page, "Value" indicates
the value of each step.
Knobs beyond the "LastStep" value in the P12–1: MOD SEQ – COMN tab page have no effect.
(☞p.92 "LastStep")


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