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Korg MMT RADIAS Owner's Manual: P11 Patch (virtual Patch)

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Shape = –63
Shape = 0
Shape = +63
3: TempoSync
If this is On, the LFO frequency will synchronize to the
tempo or MIDI clock.
If the Global mode P04: MIDI page "Clock" (MIDI clock
setting) is Internal, the LFO will synchronize to the tem-
po specified by the [TEMPO] knob. If the clock setting is
External, the LFO will synchronize to the MIDI clock
data received from an external MIDI device.
If the "TempoSync" settings of LFO1 or LFO2 are
respectively turned On, the "Dest" setting of the
P11–1–6: PATCH – P1–P6 tab pages will be ig-
nored if set to LFO1Freq or LFO2Freq.
4: Freq (Frequency)  FREQ 
Specifies the frequency of the LFO. This is shown and
can be edited if "TempoSync" is Off.
Higher values will make the LFO faster.
5: SyncNote
Specifies the LFO frequency as a note value based on the
tempo specified by the [TEMPO] knob. This is shown
and can be edited if "TempoSync" is On.
Relative to the tempo, the length of the note value spec-
ified here will be one cycle of the LFO. For example if
this is set to 1/4, each cycle of the LFO will occupy one
quarter note.
6: KeySync
Specifies whether the LFO will reset at each new note-on
The phase of the LFO will not be reset when a note-on
Note on
The phase of the LFO will be reset at the first note-on
that occurs when no other keys are being pressed, and
will continue to affect all the notes played by that timbre
in the same way, until once again no keys are being held
[On, Off]
[Off, Timbre, Voice]
Note on
Note all off
The phase of the LFO will be reset for each individual
note-on, and each voice will be modulated at an inde-
pendent phase.
7: IniPhase (Initial Phase)
Specifies the starting position of the LFO waveform.
This parameter is valid if "KeySync" is set to Timbre or
With a setting of 0, modulation will start from the "zero
point" and begin ascending the positive portion of the
LFO wave. A setting of 90 will begin at the highest point
of the LFO wave, and a setting of 180 will start from the
"zero point" and begin descending the negative portion
of the LFO wave. In the phase illustrations above, the
phase is set to 90.

P11 PATCH (Virtual Patch)

These are the parameters for the Virtual Patch function.
Virtual Patch is a function that lets you assign modula-
tion sources such as EG or LFO to a variety of parame-
ters. For each timbre you can create up to six of these
P11–1...6: P1...P6 (PATCH1...PATCH6)
1: Source  SOURCE 
Selects the modulation source.
EG1, EG2, EG3
EG1, EG2, or EG3 will be the modulation source.
LFO1 or LFO2 will be the modulation source.
3. Synth Parameters
Note on
Note on
Note on


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