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Korg TR music workstation Operation Manual: Selecting And Playing A Program; Selecting A Program

Synthesizer manual.
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Selecting and playing a program

In Program mode you can select and play a program
from banks A–D, G, g(d). Here we will show how to
select preset programs. Select various programs and
hear how they sound.

Selecting a program

1 Press the [PROG] key (the key will light).
You will enter Program mode. Make sure that the
upper line of the LCD screen indicates "PROG 1.1:
Program Bank
Program Select
Selecting a program number
2 Make sure that "Program Select" is selected.
If it is not selected, use the cursor keys [ ], [ ],
[ ], [ ] to highlight the program name in "Pro-
gram Select."
3 Use the VALUE controllers to select the program
that you wish to play.
You can use the following methods to select a pro-
• Rotate the [VALUE] dial.
• Press the [INC] or [DEC] key.
• Use numeric keys [0]–[9] to specify the number,
and press the [ENTER] key.
4 Audition the sound.
Play a note on the keyboard to hear the sound you
Alternatively, you can press the [AUDITION] key
(the key will light) to turn on the Audition function
and the TR will automatically play a riff (phrase)
suitable for the selected program.
With the factory settings, the Audition function
can be used only on the preloaded programs of
banks A–D, and the preset programs G, g(d).
Selecting the program bank
In Program mode, you can switch banks to select pro-
grams from another bank.
With the factory settings, banks A, B, C, D and G, g(d)
contain programs. (
table bellow)
5 Press a BANK [A]–[GM] key to select a bank.
The key will light, and the selected bank will be dis-
played in the left of the LCD screen. For example to
select bank B, press the BANK [B] key. (The [B] key
will light, and the upper left of the LCD screen will
indicate Bank B.)
Prog. No.
A, B, C, D
for preloaded programs
(for user programs)
GM programs
GM2 drum programs
A, B, C, D
With the factory settings, these banks contain
a wide variety of preloaded programs that
use the internal PCM ROM multisamples,
effects, and arpeggio patterns.
128 programs can be written or rewritten to each bank
A–D (for a total of 512).
G, g(d)
These banks contain 128 GM programs and 9
GM drum programs that are compatible
with the GM sound map. The programs of
these banks are read-only. Bank G contains
the GM programs. G lets you select 128 pro-
grams numbered from 001–128, and g(d) lets
you select nine drum programs (
Each time you press the [GM] key, the bank
will alternate as shown below.
For details of the program names etc., refer to
"VNL" (Voice Name List).


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