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Korg TR music workstation Operation Manual: Introduction; Overview; Main Features

Synthesizer manual.
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Main features
The TR Music Workstation features Korg's acclaimed
HI (Hyper Integrated) synthesis system.
It contains high-quality preset multisamples/pro-
grams/combinations, an effect section, plus a
sequencer, dual polyphonic arpeggiator, RPPR, four-
channel audio output, and numerous other functional-
Controllers such as the joystick, [SW1] and [SW2] keys,
REALTIME CONTROLS [1]–[4] knobs, or connected
pedals can be used to control filter or effects, allowing
you to modify the sound in realtime as you perform.
Arpeggiator gate or velocity, or the tempo of the arpeg-
giator or sequencer can also be controlled.
In addition, the optional EXB-SMPL sampling
upgrade can be installed to add two-channel audio
input and sampling functionality. (
The TR is the ideal music workstation for music pro-
duction or live performance.
HI (Hyper Integrated) synthesis system
The HI (Hyper Integrated) synthesis system is a PCM
tone generator system with full digital signal process-
ing that guarantees pristine sound, and features enor-
mous flexibility in musical extensibility, modulation,
and effect routing.
Tone generator section:
• 64 MB of preset PCM ROM containing 470
multisamples and 518 drumsamples.
• The sampling frequency is 48 kHz, and the
maximum polyphony is 62 voices.
Filter/synthesis section:
• 24 dB/oct Low Pass Resonance type or 12 dB/oct
Low Pass & High Pass type filters can be used. A
wide variety of filter effects can be achieved, from
active sounds with aggressive resonance to subtle
tones using a high pass filter.
• A broad range of editing parameters gives you
control over every aspect of the sound.


Effect section:
• One insert effect (stereo-in/stereo-out), two master
• Highly flexible effect routing is possible. Effects can
Alternate Modulation and Effect Dynamic Modula-
• The synthesis section (filter etc.) provides Alternate
• LFO and delay time parameters can be
Programs and combinations
• In the Program mode, the TR provides 512 user
• The TR provides 24 user drum kits and nine GM2-
• The TR provides 384 user combinations. The
effects (mono-in/stereo-out), and a three-band
master EQ (stereo-in/stereo-out) can all be used
simultaneously. You can select from 89 types of
effect algorithms, and edit them.
also be routed freely to the individual outputs.
Modulation functionality, and the effect section
provides Effect Dynamic Modulation
functionality. This allows you to freely apply
modulation to parameters that affect the pitch,
filter, amp, EG, LFO, effects etc.
synchronized to MIDI clock/tempo. You can
synchronize sounds or effects to the tempo of the
sequencer or the arpeggiator.
programs, plus 128 programs + 9 drum sets for GM
When shipped from the factory, it is loaded with
high-quality programs that cover a wide range of
musical needs.
The 512 user programs can be modified by adjusting
the numerous editing parameters, the effects and
the arpeggiator, to create your own original pro-
compatible ROM drum kits. With the factory
settings, preset drum kits that cover a variety of
musical genres are provided. You can create your
own original drum kits by assigning a drumsample
or an original sampled sound to each note of the
keyboard. For each note, you can make filter and
amp settings, and even route the sound through
effects and to a individual audio output.
factory settings contain a wide variety of Preload
A combination allows you to use layers, splits, or
velocity switches etc. to combine up to eight pro-
grams together with effects and two arpeggiators, in
order to create complex sounds that could not be
produced by a program. You can also make settings
that include external tone generators.


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