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Korg TR music workstation Operation Manual: Objects And Functions In The Lcd Screen

Synthesizer manual.
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Objects and functions in the LCD
a: Current page
c: Parameter
b: Tab
a: Current page
This indicates the currently selected page within
the mode. From the left, this area shows the mode
name, page number:name, tab name, and the
parameter name of the edit cell.
Mode name
Page number:name
b: Tab
Most pages are divided into two or more tabs. By
pressing the closest function key [F1]–[F7], you can
select a tab to access the corresponding page.
c: Parameters
The parameters for various settings are displayed
in the LCD screen. Use cursor keys [ ], [ ], [ ],
[ ] to select the desired parameter.
d: Edit cell
When you use the cursor keys [ ], [ ], [ ], [ ],
the selected parameter will be highlighted in the
LCD screen. This area is called the edit cell, and
your editing will affect the highlighted area.
The parameter value of the edit cell can be modi-
fied using VALUE controllers such as the [VALUE]
dial or the [INC]/[DEC] keys (
ters that accept a key number or a velocity value,
you can also hold down the [ENTER] key and play
a note on the keyboard to enter the key number or
velocity value.
e: Check box
Use cursor keys [ ], [ ], [ ], [ ] to select a check
box (edit cell), and use a VALUE controller such as
the [VALUE] dial or the [INC]/[DEC] keys to add
or remove the check mark.
When checked, the parameter will function, when
unchecked, the parameter will not function.
d: Edit cell
e: Check box
f: Function buttons
Parameter name
Tab name
p.16). For parame-
f: Function buttons
By pressing the function key [F1]–[F8] nearest this
button, you can turn various functions on/off.
In Media mode, these select the current directory.
Accesses the utility menu where you can execute
utility menu commands.
Other function buttons examples
Sequencer mode: EDIT/DONE, INSERT, CUT,
COPY, JUMP, DONE, Tie, Rest,
Back, Done (used in Cue List,
Event Edit, Step Recording)
REVERT (copy and paste RPPR
Global mode:
Sampling mode (if the separately sold EXB-SMPL
option is installed):
(create multisample), L/R,
Utility menu
In each page, you can press the "UTILITY" func-
tion button (the [F8] key) to access the utility
menu. The utility menu contains commands that
can be used in that page. The utility menu that
appears will differ depending on the page that is
You can also select up to ten utility menu com-
mands by holding down the [ENTER] key and
pressing a numeric key [0]–[9].
Press the [EXIT] key to close the utility menu.
, press the [F7] key to select the desired
utility menu command. You can also use the cur-
sor keys [ ], [ ], [ ], [ ] to make your selection.
, press the [F8] key to open the dialog
box of the selected utility menu command.
This key also switches the status of commands that
you check or uncheck.


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