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Korg TR music workstation Operation Manual Page 80

Synthesizer manual.
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If playback is not connected smoothly between
songs when playing a cue list
Depending on the effect settings, a certain amount of
time may be required for the effects to be switched. If
this occurs, the playback will not be smoothly con-
nected from song to song.
To ensure a smooth transition from song to song,
check "FX" for "Step" 01. Do not check "FX" for the
remaining steps. This way, the effect settings will be
made before playback begins, and there will be no time
lag when cue list playback is started or when switching
from song to song. Although it will not be possible to
change effect types within the cue list, you can use
dynamic modulation or MIDI control changes such as
Effect Control to control the effects within the cue list,
for example applying reverb more deeply on certain
songs, or raising the LFO speed for a specific song. We
recommend this method if you will be using a cue list
to construct the song.
When you execute the Utility menu command "Con-
vert to Song", the effect settings of the "Step" 01 song
will be specified for the song that results from the con-
Even if "FX" is not checked, there may be cases in
which a time lag in the transition between songs,
depending on the musical data of the song. Also, there
may be cases in which the musical data is not played at
the correct timing at the transition between songs. If
this occurs, you can edit the musical data of the song,
or convert the cue list to a song for playback. If you use
"Convert to Song" to convert the cue list to a song,
there will be no time lag during playback at the transi-
tion between songs, and the musical data will be
played at the correct timing.
Creating multiple songs for use in a cue list
If you want to create multiple songs for use in a cue
list, it is a good idea to make the various necessary set-
tings (program and other settings for each track, effect
settings, etc.) for one song (e.g., S000), and then use the
Utility menu command "Copy From Song" in SEQ 1.1
etc. to copy it to other songs so that the settings will be
After your cue list is finished and you convert it
into a song, the track settings (program, pan, vol-
ume, etc.) of each step will be converted into play-
back data and will be reproduced, but if the MIDI
channel settings do not match, it may not be possi-
ble to convert the playback state of the cue list into
a song.
Using a foot switch to switch the Step
You can use a foot switch to switch the Step.
If you set "Rep(Repeat)" to FS, a foot switch connected
to the ASSIGNABLE SWITCH jack will control the tim-
ing at which the song stops repeating. Set "Foot SW
Assign" (GLOBAL 1.1: System, Foot page) to Cue
Repeat Control.
Converting a cue list to a song
Although it is not possible to record additional mate-
rial onto tracks in a cue list, you can convert a cue list
to a song, and then record solos etc. on vacant tracks.
You will also need to convert a cue list to a song if you
wish to save it onto an SD card as SMF data.
1 Select the Utility menu command "Convert to
A dialog box will appear.
2 In "To," specify the destination song number for
the converted data.
The cue list name will automatically be assigned as
the song name of the converted data. (For details
and cautions regarding "Convert to Song," refer to
PG p.60.)
If you wish to select a new song as the convert des-
tination, use the numeric keys [0]–[9] to specify the
song number, and then press the [ENTER] key. It is
not necessary to set "Set Length" in the dialog box
that appears at this time. The number of measures
in the converted song will be used. Press the [F8]
("OK") key, and the Convert Cue List dialog box
will appear.
3 Press the [F8] ("OK") key.
The cue list will be converted into a song. Access the
SEQ 1.1: Play/REC page, select the song number
that you specified as the conversion destination,
and check the results.


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