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Korg TR music workstation Operation Manual: Effect Settings In Combination, And Song; Effect Settings In Sampling Mode (requires The Exb-smpl Option)

Synthesizer manual.
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Effect settings in combination, and
In Combination, and Sequencer modes, you can spec-
ify the routing of each timbre/track to the insert effect
and master effects. These settings are made in the same
way in each of these modes. We will be using the
example of Combination mode in our explanation
1 Select the COMBI 7.1: Ed-InsertFX, BUS page.
2 In "BUS Select," specify where the output of each
timbre will be sent.
3 "S1 (Send1(MFX1))," "S2 (Send2(MFX2))" speci-
fies the send level from each timbre to the master
This can be set only if "BUS Select" is set to L/R or
The actual send level will be the send level of each
timbre multiplied by the send level of each oscilla-
tor of the program selected for the timbre. If the
send level of a program is 0, the actual level will be
zero even if the send level setting is raised here.
If IFX is selected for "BUS Select," set the send lev-
els to the master effects by adjusting the "S1
(Send1(MFX1))" and "S2 (Send2(MFX2))" parame-
ters (COMBI 7.1: Ed-Insert FX, Setup page) located
after the signal has passed through the insert
Insert effect
The Setup page displays the state of the routing and
insert effect settings. "BUS Select" settings can also be
made in this page. Use the cursor keys [ ], [ ], [ ],
[ ] to select the timbre, and use the [INC]/[DEC] keys
to make the setting.
In this example, IFX is used by 1 (timbre 1) and 2 (tim-
bre 2).
In the same way as for a program, you can select the
insert effect, turn it on/off, and set the "Pan (CC#8),"
"BUS Select," "S1 (Send 1 (MFX1))," and "S2
(Send2(MFX2))" parameters that follow the insert
effect. (
Master effects
Master EQ
These settings are made in the same way as for pro-
grams (
Effect settings in Sampling mode
(requires the EXB-SMPL option)
In Sampling mode, insert effect can be applied to an
external audio source connected to the AUDIO INPUT
1 and 2 jacks, and sampled.
1 Select the SMPL 1.1: Recording, Input/Pref page.
The parameters in "Input1" and "Input2" specify
the insert effect to which the external audio input
from the AUDIO INPUT 1 and 2 jacks will be sent.
For details on these settings, refer to "Sampling"
Insert effect
Select the effect that will be used by the insert effect,
and set the "Pan (CC#8)." (
Master effects
Master EQ
The master effects and master EQ cannot be used in
Sampling mode.


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