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Korg TR music workstation Operation Manual Page 50

Synthesizer manual.
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Assigning a name (Rename)
You can modify the name of an edited program, combi-
nation, song, drum kit, user arpeggio patterns etc..
You can also modify the category names for programs
and combinations.
These renaming operations can be performed in the
following pages.
Cue list
Drum kits
User arpeggio patterns
Program categories
Combination categories
*: If the EXB-SMPL option is installed
1 Open the text dialog box.
Refer to the above table for the relevant page.
In the Utility menu commands, press "Name" (the
[F5] key) in the dialog box that appears.
In GLOBAL 4.1, select "TEXT" (press the [F5] key).
For example if you wish to input the text shown in
the screen shown above, you would use the follow-
ing procedure.
2 Press the [F1] ("Clear") key.
All text of the text box will be erased.
3 Input "A"
Use the [VALUE] dial, the [INC]/[DEC] keys, or
cursor keys [ ], [ ], [ ], [ ] to select "A."
Press the [ENTER] key or [F6] (" ") key. The cursor
will move.
4 Input "."
Use the [VALUE] dial, the [INC]/[DEC] keys, or
cursor keys [ ], [ ], [ ], [ ] to select "."
Press the [ENTER] key or [F6] (" ") key. The cursor
will move.
Repeat this step to input all the characters.
5 Press the [F8] ("OK") key.
If you selected "Name" in the dialog box of step 1
to access the text dialog box, you will return to the
previous dialog box. Press the [F8] ("OK") key in
that dialog box to execute the Rename operation.
If you selected "TEXT" in step 1 to access the text
dialog box, the Rename operation will be executed.
PROG 1.1...7.2 Utility: Write Program
COMBI 1.1...7.2 Utility: Write Combination
SEQ 1.1...4.4, 6.1 Utility: Rename Song
SEQ 2.1 Utility: Rename Cue List
SEQ 5.1, 5.2 Utility: Rename Track
SEQ 5.1 Utility: Rename Pattern
SMPL 1.1...4.1, 5.2 Utility: Rename MS
SMPL 1.1...4.1, 5.2 Utility: Rename SMPL
GLOBAL 5.1 Utility: Rename Drum Kit
GLOBAL 6.1 Utility: Rename Arpeggio Pattern
MEDIA, Save Utility: Save All...Save Exclusive
The function buttons will have the following functions.
Clear: Erase all text.
Del (Delete): Delete the character at the cursor loca-
Ins (Insert): Insert a space at the cursor location.
Cap. (Capital): Switch between uppercase and
lowercase letters.
: Move the cursor to the left.
: Move the cursor to the right.
The following input operations can also be
"0"–"9," "–," and "." can be input using the numeric
keys. When you input these, the cursor will advance
By pressing the [ENTER] key at the space (blank),
you can input the selected text before the space.
About the Edit Buffer
When you select a program or combination in PROG
1.1: Play and COMBI 1.1: Play, the program or combi-
nation data is called into the "edit buffer."
When you modify the parameters in 1.1: Play or in the
Edit pages 2.1–7.2 of Program mode or Combination
mode, the changes you make will affect the data in the
edit buffer.
If you wish to save this modified data into internal
memory, you must perform the Write operation.
When you perform the Write operation, the data in the
edit buffer is written to the specified program number
or combination number of the specified bank.
If you select another program or combination without
writing, the data of the newly selected program or
combination will be called into the edit buffer, and
your changes will be lost.
When you press the [COMPARE] key in Program
mode or Combination mode, the data from mem-
ory (i.e., the contents that were written into mem-
ory) will be temporarily called into the edit buffer.
This allows you to compare the settings you are
editing with the original un-edited settings.
Edit Buffer
When you write, the program or
combination settings will be
saved in internal memory.
Internal Memory
Bank A 0...127
Editing applies to the data in the edit
buffer. Programs or combinations will
play according to the data in the edit
When you select a program or
combination, its data is called from
internal memory into the edit buffer.
Bank A 0...127


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