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Korg TR music workstation Operation Manual: Basic Operation; Selecting Modes, Pages And Tabs; Setting Parameters; Selecting Modes; Selecting Pages And Tabs

Synthesizer manual.
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Selecting modes, pages and tabs;
setting parameters

1. Selecting modes

In order to use a particular function on the TR, you
must first select the appropriate mode. Press one of
the front panel mode keys to enter the correspond-
ing mode.
[COMBI] key:
Combination mode
[PROG] key:
Program mode
[SEQ] key:
Sequencer mode
[GLOBAL] key:
Global mode
[MEDIA] key:
Media mode
[SAMPLING] key: Sampling mode (if the sepa-
rately sold EXB-SMPL option
is installed)

2. Selecting pages and tabs

Each mode has a large number of parameters, which
are grouped into pages. Each page is further divided
into as many as seven groups. These are referred to as
Selecting a page
1 Make sure that the desired mode is selected.
To select a mode, press the appropriate mode key.
Here we will use Combination mode as an example
for our explanation. Press the [COMBI] key.

Basic operation

2 Press the [MENU] key.
The page menu will appear.
3 Press the function key [F1]–[F7] that is nearest the
page you wish to select.
If multiple pages are assigned to one function key,
press the same key to move the cursor downward.
You can also use the [ ], [ ], [ ], [ ] cursor keys
to move.
4 Press the [F8] ("Open") key.
When you press the [F8] key, you will jump to the
selected page, and that page will appear.
As an example here, press the [F3] key three times to
select "KeyZ," and then press the [F8] ("Open") key.
The 3.3: Ed-Key Zone page will appear.
• Press the [MENU] key, and then use the [ ], [ ]
keys to move forward or backward through the
pages in the order of 1.1→2.1→2.2→3.1 etc.
• Hold down the [MENU] key, and use numeric keys
[1]–[7] to enter a two-digit page number to move
directly to the corresponding page. (To select the
page shown above, you would press [3], [3].)
If only one page is assigned to each function key
(group), as in COMBI 1.1: Play or the pages of
Global mode, the first digit of the numeric key [1]–
[7] will move to the corresponding page.
The page selected at this time will be the page that was
last selected. If there is no corresponding page, nothing
will happen.
In Media mode there is only one page, so the page
menu will not appear.
You can also use the following alternative methods
to select a page.
When you press the [EXIT] key, you will return to
1.1 from any page.


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