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Korg TR music workstation Operation Manual Page 73

Synthesizer manual.
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There is also a "Quantize" function (SEQ 5.2: Track
Edit Utility menu command) which corrects the tim-
ing of performance data after it has been input. If
you have already recorded (without using realtime
quantize) and later notice during playback that the
timing is not quite right (as in line 1 of the preceding
diagram), you can select the SEQ 5.2: Track Edit
Utility menu command "Quantize," set "Resolu-
tion" to , and press the [F8] ("OK") key to correct
the timing as shown in line 2.
4 Press the [REC/WRITE] key.
You will hear the metronome. The TR will be in
record-ready mode. (
Refer to PG p.57 for details
on metronome settings.)
5 Press the [START/STOP] key.
After a two-measure count, recording will begin.
Play the keyboard for about 16 measures, and
record your performance.
If you make a mistake or decide to re-record, press
the [START/STOP] key to stop recording, and press
the [COMPARE] key.
When you press the [COMPARE] key to execute the
Compare function, you will return to the state prior
to recording. (
Refer to p.80 for the content that can
be compared in Sequencer mode.)
6 When you are satisfied with your performance,
press the [START/STOP] key to stop recording.
For example if your performance in measures 5–8
was the best take, you can use the Track Play Loop
function to repeatedly play back just this portion.
In the SEQ 1, 2: Loop, Track Play Loop page, check
"Loop On" for track 2, set "Loop Start Meas" to
005, and set "Loop End Meas" to 008.
When you press the [START/STOP] key, repeated
playback will begin.
After you press the [START/STOP] key to stop
playback, we recommend that you press the
[LOCATE] key to return to the beginning of the
song. After recording, you will automatically
return to the measure at which recording began.
4. Recording arpeggio patterns
The performance of an arpeggio pattern can be
recorded into a song. With the settings of this template
song, the arpeggiator will function on track 4.
1 In "Track Select," choose T04: Guitar.
2 Press the [ARP ON/OFF] key.
3 Press the [START/STOP] key and play single
notes or chords.
Verify that arpeggios are sounded in synchroniza-
tion with the tempo of the drum and bass perfor-
mance, and rehearse your performance.
4 Press the [START/STOP] key to stop playback.
Then press the [LOCATE] key to move the location
to the beginning of the song.
5 Start recording.
Press the [REC/WRITE] key, and then press the
If you play notes on the keyboard during the count-
in, the arpeggio will begin at the same time that
recording begins, and then that pattern will be
Play the keyboard for about 16 measures and
record your performance.
Press the [START/STOP] key to stop recording.
If you made a mistake or would like to re-record,
you can use the Compare function (press the [COM-
PARE] key) to re-record as many times as you wish.
The arpeggio pattern is recorded as the note data
that was generated. If you operate ARP-GATE or
ARP-VELOCITY while recording an arpeggio pat-
tern, this data will be recorded, but it will not be
possible to add changes by overdubbing ARP-
GATE or ARP-VELOCITY data afterward for
those notes.
5. Recording other tracks
1 As described in "Recording the bass track," use
"Track Select" to select T03: Elec.Piano, and record
about 16 measures.
6. Step recording
The TR provides two main methods of recording a
song. The first is realtime recording, in which your
performance on the keyboard and operations of the
joystick and other controllers are recorded in realtime.
This is how we recorded the bass and electric piano
tracks in the preceding sections.
The second method is step recording, in which you
can specify the timing, note length, and velocity etc. in
the LCD screen, and use the keyboard to input the
pitch of the note. only the note-on/off data is recorded.
Step recording is suitable when you want to create a
distinctive mechanical feel, or when you want to


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