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Korg TR music workstation Operation Manual: Connecting Pedals Etc; Connections To Midi Equipment/computers.13; Connections To Midi Equipment; Connections To A Computer

Synthesizer manual.
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3. Connecting pedals etc.

Foot pedal connections
A foot pedal can be connected to control the volume or
other functions.
Connect a separately sold Korg assignable pedal such
as the XVP-10 EXP/VOL or EXP-2 to the rear panel
The function controlled by the foot pedal is specified in
GLOBAL 1.1–3: System, Foot page "Foot Pedal
Assign" (
p.117, PG p.127, 227).
Foot switch connections
A foot switch controls sostenuto, soft pedal on/off,
arpeggiator on/off, to select programs or combina-
tions, and to start/stop the sequencer etc.
Connect a separately sold Korg foot switch such as the
PS-1 to the rear panel ASSIGNABLE SWITCH jack.
The function that will be controlled by the foot switch
and the polarity of the foot switch can be set in GLO-
BAL 1.1–3: System, Foot page "Foot SW Assign," and
"Foot SW Polarity" (
p.117, PG p.127, 226).
Damper pedal connections
Allows you to sustain the sound while playing.
Connect a Korg DS-1H damper pedal (separately sold
option) to the rear panel DAMPER jack. If a DS-1H is
connected, you can produce half-damper effects.
The polarity of the damper pedal can be set in GLO-
BAL 1.1–3: System, Foot page "Damper Polarity," and
its sensitivity can be adjusted by the GLOBAL 1.1–1
System utility menu command "Half Damper Calibra-
tion." (
PG p.126, 128)

Connections to MIDI equipment/

1. Connections to MIDI equipment
The keyboard, controllers, and sequencer etc. of TR can
be used to control an external MIDI tone generator.
Conversely, another MIDI keyboard or sequencer can
control the tone generator of TR to produce sound.
Use MIDI cables to connect the MIDI connectors
of TR with the MIDI connectors of your external
PG p.233 "MIDI applications – Connecting MIDI
If MIDI data is being transmitted from the TR via
USB to your computer, transmission from the
MIDI OUT connector is halted.

2. Connections to a computer

Your performance on the TR, as well as controller and
sequencer data, can be sent to a computer, and the tone
generator of the TR can be played from the computer
either via USB or via a MIDI interface.
You can use a MIDI interface to connect the MIDI
connectors of TR to the MIDI connectors of your
You can connect the TR's USB B connector to the
USB connector of your computer.
PG p.233 "MIDI applications – Connecting MIDI
Some USB-MIDI interfaces may not be able to
transmit or receive the TR's MIDI exclusive mes-
The USB connector of the TR is only able to trans-
mit and receive MIDI data.


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