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Korg TR music workstation Operation Manual: Sampling; Preparations For Sampling

Synthesizer manual.
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back of sample A producing "One-Two-Three,"
sample B producing "One-Two," and sample C
producing "Two-Three." (
A multisample consists of settings that make one or
more samples sound in different areas of the keyboard.
A multisample consist of between one and 128
"indexes." Each index contains parameters that specify
the sample that will playback, the zone for which it
will playback, the original pitch key, the playback
pitch, and level etc.
Using multisamples
When sampling an instrument that is able to produce a
wide range of pitches, such as a piano, recording just
one sample and using it (playing it back) over the
entire pitch range will not produce a natural-sounding
result. By using a multisample you can record separate
samples for each pitch range, and assign these samples
to their respective pitch ranges to avoid any unnatural
sounds during playback. For example, you might
record one sample per octave, and assign each of these
samples to an index (keyboard area). All of the instru-
mental sounds in the TR's internal preset multisamples
are constructed in this way.
By assigning multiple samples such as phrase samples
or rhythm loops to a multisample and arranging them
across the keyboard, you can play multiple samples
simultaneously. Since a different phrase could be
assigned to each key, you can perform just as though
you were using a pad-type sampler. Alternatively,
these samples could be assigned at one-octave inter-
vals, and played as phrase variations with different
playback pitches.
The TR can hold a maximum of 1,000 multisamples in
its internal memory.
A multisample can be selected as the oscillator for a
program, and played as a program. In a combination,
they can be combined with preset programs, and used
in a multi. They can be used with the arpeggiator to
produce interesting results (for example, by using the
arpeggiator to automatically play sound effects or spo-
ken samples).
Top Key
Index 001
Index 002
Sample A
Sample B
Drum Kit
PG p.96).
Top Key
Top Key
Index 003
Index 004
Sample C
Sample D
Program OSC (Single/Double)
Program OSC (Drums)


The multisample and sample data in the Sampling
mode is not backed up when the power is turned
off. If you wish to keep this data, you must save it
onto an SD card or external SCSI device before
turning off the power.
After the power is first turned on, memory will not
contain any multisample or sample data. You must
first load previously-saved data before you can
playback or edit any sample data.

Preparations for sampling

Connections and settings for a monaural
When sampling in monaural from a mic, the output of
an external audio device or mixer, or an instrumental
sound such as guitar or synthesizer, connect the source
to the AUDIO INPUT 1 or 2.
Guitars and other instruments with active pickups
can be input directly, but instruments with passive
pickups (i.e., without internal preamps) cannot be
recorded at an appropriate level, due to imped-
ance mismatching. When connecting such instru-
ments, use a preamp or effect device.
1 Connect the mic or external audio device to the
2 Set the AUDIO INPUT [MIC/LINE] switch to
match the input source. For input sources with a
low input level, such as a microphone, select the
MIC position. For other sources, select the LINE
The AUDIO INPUT [MIC/LINE] switch affects
both the AUDIO INPUT 1 and 2 jacks.
3 The [LEVEL] knob will be adjusted later. For now,
Top Key
set it near the center.
4 In Sampling mode 1.1: Recording, select the Input/
Pref page.
5 In "Input 1," set the various parameters that spec-
ify how the signal from the AUDIO INPUT jacks
will be received by the TR.
• "Lvl" adjusts the volume. Normally you will set
this to 127.


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