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Korg TR music workstation Operation Manual Page 91

Synthesizer manual.
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Control data in pattern recording
To record control data in a pattern, you should
restore the control data to its normal value within
the pattern. If you fail to restore the normal value,
unnecessary control data may remain in a "stuck"
position when you place the pattern in a song or
use the RPPR function to play the pattern. How-
ever, the following control data will be automati-
cally reset to the following values when the song
or RPPR function finishes playing the pattern, or
when playback is halted.
Modulation 1 (CC#01)
Modulation 2 (CC#02)
Expression (CC#11)
Ribbon controller (CC#16)
Damper switch (CC#64)
Sostenuto switch (CC#66)
Soft switch (CC#67)
EG sustain level (CC#70)
Resonance level (CC#71)
EG release time (CC#72)
EG attack time (CC#73)
Low pass filter cutoff (CC#74)
EG decay time (CC#75)
LFO1 speed (CC#76)
LFO1 depth (pitch) (CC#77)
LFO1 delay (CC#78)
Filter EG intensity (CC#79)
SW1 modulation (CC#80)
SW2 modulation (CC#81)
Channel after touch
Pitch bender
Reset value
00 (zero)
00 (zero)
127 (max)
64 (center)
00 (zero)
00 (zero)
00 (zero)
64 (center)
64 (center)
64 (center)
64 (center)
64 (center)
64 (center)
64 (center)
64 (center)
64 (center)
64 (center)
00 (zero)
00 (zero)
00 (zero)
00 (zero)


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