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Korg TR music workstation Operation Manual: Multisample Editing; Editing The Indices; Modifying The Settings Of An Index; Converting A Multisample To A Program

Synthesizer manual.
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Multisample editing

Editing a multisample is accomplished with a number
of operations i.e. creating indexes for the multisample
and assigning a sample to each index, editing opera-
tions such as deleting, copying, and inserting indexes,
and detailed settings such as sample level and pitch for
each index.
Multisample editing is performed in 4.1: Multisample.
Basic settings such as creating indexes and assign-
ing samples can also be made in the 1.1: Record-
ing, Sample page.

Editing the indices

To change the number or order of the indexes, use the
1 Select 4.1: Multisample.
2 Use "MS (Multisample Select)" to select the multi-
sample that you wish to edit.
3 Select the "Index."
You can also select this by holding down the
[ENTER] key and playing a note.
4 Press the keys corresponding to the following
function buttons to edit the multisample by
changing the number or order of the indexes.
To delete the selected index, press the "CUT."
The "INSERT" is used in conjunction with the Cut
and "Copy." The contents of the index that was Cut
or Copied will be inserted.
The "CREATE" has the same function as the "CRE-
ATE" in 1.1 Recording, Sample (
multisample indexes and sampling").

Modifying the settings of an index

1 Make the settings described in steps 1–3 of
"Editing the indices."
2 Set parameters for the selected index.
PG p.118)
• Changing the Edit1 page "Top K (Top Key)" will
change the upper limit of the zone. Simultaneously,
the lower limit of the next-numbered index will
also change.
• If you check "Constant Pitch" in the Edit2 page,
playing any note within the zone of an index will
always sound the original pitch.
• Edit2 page "Pitch" adjusts the sample pitch for
each index. You can use the Utility menu command
p.91 "Creating
"Pitch BPM Adj." to set the loop interval to a
desired BPM value (
Converting a multisample to a
The Utility menu command "Conv. To Prog" can be
selected and executed in the various pages of 1.1:
Recording, in 2.1: Sample Edit, in Edit 1 of 3.1: Loop
Edit, in the various pages of 4.1: Multisample, and in
5.2: Ctrl Setup. When you execute this utility, the state
of the currently selected multisample will be converted
into a program.
In Program mode you can make filter, amp and effect
settings etc., and play the sample as a program. The
resulting program can be used in a combination or
For details on using the Utility menu command "Conv.
To Prog," refer to p.38 and PG p.99.
Using samples in a drum kit
A sample you created in Sampling mode can be used
as one of the instruments in a drum kit. In the GLO-
BAL 5.1: DKit, High Sample page and Low Sample
page, set "Drumsample Bank" to RAM, and use
"Drumsample" to select the sample that you created.
PG p.119).


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