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Korg TR music workstation Operation Manual: Filter Settings

Synthesizer manual.
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OSC1 page
The "JS (–X)" and "JS(+X)" settings specify the
amount of pitch change (in semitones) that will occur
when MIDI pitch bend messages are received or when
the joystick is moved to left or right. A setting of +12
allows the pitch to be controlled a maximum of one
octave upward; a setting of –12 allows the pitch to be
controlled a maximum of one octave downward.
"Ribbon (#16)" specifies the amount of pitch change
(in semitones) that will occur when MIDI control
change (CC) #16 messages are received or when the
ribbon controller of a TRITON or other MIDI-con-
nected instrument is moved to left or right. With a set-
ting of +12, the pitch will rise one octave at the far right
of the ribbon controller, and fall one octave downward
at the far left of the ribbon controller.
Pitch EG
When the "Intensity" value is set to +12.00, the pitch
EG specified in the Pitch EG page will produce a maxi-
mum of ±1 octave of pitch change.
If "Enable" is checked, portamento will be applied.
Portamento makes the pitch change smoothly when
you play the next note before releasing the previous
The "Time" parameter specifies the portamento time.
As this value is increased, the pitch will change over a
longer time. With a value of 000, there will be no porta-
If Porta.SW (CC#65) is assigned as the function of
[SW1] or [SW2] key, the portamento effect can be
switched on/off by [SW1] or [SW2] key.
OS1lfo (OSC1 LFO) page
LFO 1/2
An LFO can be used to cyclically modulate the pitch
(the "vibrato" effect).
"Intensity (LFO Intensity)" sets the depth to which the
LFO specified in 5.3: Ed-LFOs will affect the pitch.
With a setting of +12.00, vibrato will produce a maxi-
mum of ±1 octave of pitch change.
"JS+Y Int" specifies the amount of vibrato that the
LFO will produce when the joystick is pushed away
from yourself.
"Intensity (AMS Intensity)" specifies the depth of
vibrato that will be applied by the LFO when AMS
(Alternate Modulation Source) is operated. For exam-
ple if "AMS (LFO1 AMS)" is set to AfterT and you set
an appropriate value for "Intensity (AMS Intensity),"
vibrato will be applied when you apply pressure to the
keyboard or when MIDI aftertouch messages are
EG (Pitch EG) page
Here you can make settings for the pitch EG.
When you wish to create sound effects etc., set the
pitch EG to make major changes in pitch over time.
To realistically simulate the slight change in pitch that
occurs when a string is plucked or at the attack of a
brass or vocal sound, you can use the EG to create a
subtle change in pitch at the attack (
EG and LFO
By using an EG (envelope generator) to apply time-
varying change or by using an LFO (Low Frequency
Oscillator) to apply cyclic change to pitch, filter, or
amp, you can create changes in the pitch, tone, or vol-
EG (Envelope Generator)
This instrument provides a Pitch EG, Filter EG, and
Amplifier EG, which produce time-varying changes in
pitch, tone, and volume respectively.
Attack Level
Break Level
Sustain Level
Slope Time
Decay Time
Attack Time
Start Level
LFO (Low Frequency Oscillator)
For each oscillator, this instrument provides two LFO's
that can be used to apply cyclical change in pitch, tone,
and volume.
Examples of this are vibrato (cyclical change in pitch),
wah (cyclical change in tone), and tremolo or auto-pan
(cyclical change in volume).

Filter settings

4.1: Ed–Filter1, 4.2: Ed–Filter2
The filter allows you to diminish or emphasize speci-
fied frequency areas of the multisample selected for the
oscillator. The tone of the sound will depend signifi-
cantly on the filter settings.
This instrument provides Filter 1 for OSC1 and Filter 2
for OSC2. For each of these filters, you can select from
two types (Low Pass Resonance or Low Pass & High
Pass). Filter 2 can be used if "Mode (Oscillator Mode)"
is set to Double.
PG p.10).
Release Level
Release Time


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