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Korg TR music workstation Operation Manual Page 72

Synthesizer manual.
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Use the VALUE control to select T02: Bass, and
play it from the keyboard. Next select T03–T08 in
order, and play them from the keyboard. (The TR
has sixteen sequence tracks, but this template song
specifies only tracks 1–8.)
Select T03: Elec.Piano.
6 Press the [START/STOP] key to play back the pre-
set pattern that you copied. Play the keyboard
while you listen to the drum pattern.
7 Press the [START/STOP] key to stop.
2. Repeatedly playing specific measures of
a track (Track Play Loop)
Here's how to use Track Play Loop to repeatedly play
back a drum phrase.
1 Press the [MENU] key to access the page menu.
Press the [F1] key to select "Loop," and press the
[F8] ("Open") key.
The SEQ 1.2: Loop, Track Play Loop page will
2 Check track 1 "Loop On," leave "Loop Start Meas"
as it is, and set "Loop End Meas" to 008.
3 When you press the [START/STOP] key, the drum
phrase will be played back repeatedly.
When the playback has repeated for the number of
measures in the song as specified by "Length" (the
power-on default is 64 measures), it will stop auto-
By using "Play Intro" you can begin the loop after
adding an introduction (
Track Play Loop will continue repeating for the
number of measures specified by "Length." If you
want to limit the number of repetitions or place
other performance data (e.g., a drum fill-in) in that
track, you will need to expand the pattern into
actual performance data. Use the SEQ 5.2: Track
Edit Utility menu command "Repeat Measure" to
specify the number of playback repetitions and
expand the pattern as playback data. In the sample
illustration below, performance data will be cre-
ated to play measures 1–8 of track 1 for four times
(i.e., 32 measures).
PG p.58).
3. Recording the bass track
1 If playback is occurring, press the [START/STOP]
key to stop playback.
Press the [LOCATE] key to return to the beginning
of the song.
The location will indicate 001:01.000.
2 Press the [EXIT] key to access the 1.1: Play/REC
3 Use "Track Select" to select the track that you want
to record.
In this example, select T02: Bass.
Press the [START/STOP] key to start playback,
and practice playing the phrase that you want to
When you are finished rehearsing, press the
[START/STOP] key to stop playback.
Press the [LOCATE] key.
When the power is turned on, the "Recording
Mode" of the TR will be set to Over Write record-
ing, in which newly recorded data will be over-
written. For details on other recording modes,
refer to p.81 and PG p.56.
When recording rapid or difficult phrases, you can
slow down the tempo and record at a more com-
fortable tempo. Simply adjust the "Tempo." After
recording, restore the original tempo.
You can use the Quantize and Resolution func-
tions to correct the timing of your performance as
it is recorded.
For example during realtime recording, suppose
that you input eighth notes at slightly inaccurate
timing, as shown in line 1 of the diagram below. If
you set "Reso" (Resolution) to and performed
realtime recording, the timing would automati-
cally be corrected as shown in line 2. With a setting
of Hi, the performance will be recorded with the
exact timing at which it was played.


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