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Mechanisms; Scanner Mechanism - Brother CB200 Service Manual

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The machine consists of the following three mechanisms and sensors:
n Scanner Mechanism (Copyboard)
n Thermal Printing Mechanism (Printer) - Printing image drawn on the copyboard screen and
n Easel Stand*
n Sensors

Scanner mechanism

The scanner mechanism in the copyboard consists of a scanner, copyboard screen, WB motor,
and relay PCB, as illustrated on the next page.
The relay PCB, which is connected to the printer via the interface cable, relays power and control
signals sent from the main PCB of the printer to the WB motor and relays the scanned image with
control signals from the CIS units to the main PCB. If you press the FEED key, the WB motor
rotates to drive the screen feed pipe, scrolling up the copyboard screen.
The scanner uses three CIS units, each of which consists of an LED array illuminating the
copyboard screen via a glass prism bar, six lenses collecting the reflected light, and a CIS PCB
carrying out photoelectric conversion to output picture element data.
When pressing any copy-related key scrolls the copyboard screen, the CIS units scan the screen.
After a sequence of the scanning operation, the controller scrolls the screen further until the left-
hand CIS unit detects either one of the two black home position (HP) marks pasted on the screen.
Home positioning of the copyboard screen is automatically performed also when you power on the
- Scrolling the copyboard screen
- Scanning the copyboard screen
feeding recording paper
- PE/cover sensor
- Thermistor in the thermal recording head
- CIS unit which acts as a home position detector of the
copyboard screen
II - 2
*Not provided for the CP1800.


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