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Brother CP-2000 User Manual

Owners manual - english
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Summary of Contents for Brother CP-2000

  • Page 1: Table Of Contents

    CP2000 User’s Manual Table of Contents 1. Important Safety Precautions 2. Setup 3. Operation 4. Maintenance 5. Specifications 6. Accessories...
  • Page 2 Thank you for purchasing the Brother CP2000 copyboard. This copyboard has been designed for easy operation; however, we suggest that you first read this User’s Manual so that you can install the copyboard safely and use the copyboard to its fullest potential. In addition, we suggest that you keep this manual in a handy place for future reference.
  • Page 3: Important Safety Precautions

    1. Important Safety Precautions Read all instructions and save them for future reference. Follow all warnings and instruc- tions indicated on the product. • To reduce the risk of electric shock, always disconnect all cables from the wall outlets before servicing, modifying, or installing the equipment. Unplug this product from the wall outlet and refer servicing to an authorized Brother Service Center under the following conditions: a) when the power supply cord is damaged or frayed...
  • Page 4: Setup

    2. Setup Package contents Check that the following items are enclosed. CP2000 copyboard AC adaptor & AC cord Wall-mounting bar 2 wall-mounting brackets Owner’s Manual 2 L-shaped brackets 6 anchors 2 partition-mounting brackets 6 washers Starter Therma PLUS paper (up to 30 pages) 4 screws Tray 2 Dry Erase markers...
  • Page 5: Choosing A Location

    2. Setup Choosing a location • Set up the unit on a stable surface or a sturdy wall that is free from vibrations and shocks. • Do not set up this unit in a high-traffic area or near heaters, air conditioners, refrigera- tors, liquids, or chemicals.
  • Page 6 2. Setup Stand Setting up the stand Do not allow young children to play on or near the copyboard when it is set up on its stand. After removing the copyboard from its box, keep the printer and writing surface covered in the bubble wrap packaging while setting up the copyboard.
  • Page 7 2. Setup Align the screws on the knobs with the holes in the brackets, and then tighten each knob (one on each side). While tightening each knob, it may be necessary to lift up the lower leg slightly so that the screw on the knob correctly enters the hole in the bracket.
  • Page 8 2. Setup Attach the tray by sliding its slots on each sides of back of the tray over the two brackets on the front of the copyboard above the printer. Do not subject the tray to strong impacts or use it in any way other than for holding markers and erasers.
  • Page 9 2. Setup Slightly lift up each bottom leg and loosen the knobs (one on each side of the stand). Slightly lift up the bottom leg and pull the blue pin on the right side of the stand. Grab the topmost bar and carefully fold up the stand so that it rests on the sponges on the back of the copyboard.
  • Page 10 2. Setup After folding up the stand, the CP2000 can be carried using the handle on the back. Be sure to use the handle to transport the copyboard. Do not transport the unit by carrying it by its stand, otherwise the stand may open up and the copyboard may fall down.
  • Page 11 2. Setup Wall-mounting bar 23.34 in. (593 mm) 2.36 in. 2.36 in. (60 mm) (60 mm) 1.42 in. (36 mm) Position of the wall-mounting bar in relation to the copyboard 1.9 in. 1.9 in. (48 mm) (48 mm) 1.7 in. (42 mm) 10.2 in.
  • Page 12 2. Setup Tighten each screw (by turning it clockwise) approximately 20 turns. The screws must be tightened by hand. Do not use an electric screwdriver, otherwise the copyboard may fall down. Remove each screw. Attach the wall-mounting bar to the wall by re-installing the screws into the anchors, while making sure to use the enclosed washers.
  • Page 13 2. Setup Remove the stand by removing the six black screws numbered 1, 2 and 3 on each bracket that attaches the stand to the back of the copyboard. To prevent the screws from being lost, screw them back into the holes on the back of the copyboard.
  • Page 14 2. Setup To switch between vertical and horizontal mounting, attach the printer to a different edge of the copyboard. Loosen the screws on the printer cable plug, and then remove the plug. While holding the copyboard to prevent it from falling, remove the four knobs used to attach the printer.
  • Page 15 2. Setup With the copyboard mounted on the wall, remove the two knobs on the bottom of the unit, and then attach the long ends of the two enclosed L-shaped brackets to the bottom of the unit with the two knobs.
  • Page 16 2. Setup Partition mounting Follow the precautions below to mount the copyboard correctly on the partition and reduce the risk of it falling down. Before attempting to hang your copyboard on a cubicle wall, partition, or the like (“partition”), consult the manufacturer of the partition to verify that the partition is capable of supporting the copyboard without adverse consequences.
  • Page 17 2. Setup While holding both sides of the copyboard, hook the brackets at the back of the copyboard onto the wall-mounting bar pegs. Do not release the copyboard until you are sure that it is securely mounted on the wall- mounting bar.
  • Page 18: Operation

    3. Operation Printer description 1 DC jack 2 Power supply switch 3 COPY ALL button: Press this button to print out both writing surfaces at the same time. 4 COPY button: Press this button to print out the front writing surface. 5 FEED button: Press this button to scroll the copyboard.
  • Page 19 3. Operation Loading the paper In order to print out what is written on the copyboard, paper must first be loaded in the printer. The maximum diameter of the paper roll that can be installed in the copyboard is 2.6 in. (66 mm). Open the paper compartment by pulling up its latch.
  • Page 20: Power Supply

    3. Operation Tear off the excess paper by holding the side of the paper and pulling it upward and across. Remove the roll of paper before transporting the copyboard, otherwise it may come unrolled in the printer and cause a paper jam. Power supply Follow the precautions below to reduce the risk of electric shock or fire.
  • Page 21 3. Operation Feeding the copyboard The copyboard has two writing surface areas. When you wish to use the other writing surface area, press f to scroll the writing surface without printing. Do not try to erase or touch the writing surface while it is moving. Do not touch the paper being fed out of the printer until it has finished feeding.
  • Page 22 3. Operation Press e. The writing surface begins scrolling after 1 to 2 seconds, and then the front writing surface is printed. Press d. The writing surface begins scrolling after 1 to 2 seconds, and then both writing surfaces are printed at the same time. Do not try to erase or touch the writing surface while it is moving.
  • Page 23: Maintenance

    4. Maintenance Troubleshooting If you can't solve a difficulty with your copyboard using this manual, please see page 25 for Brother numbers to call for assistance. Problem Solution The POWER indicator does • Check that the AC adaptor cord is correctly plugged not light up.
  • Page 24 4. Maintenance Problem Solution The paper that is fed out • Check that the paper feeds over the paper guide bar is curled. in the paper compartment. Loading the paper (page 17) The ERROR indicator lights • The recording head has overheated. Unplug the machine and wait 30 minutes for it to cool.
  • Page 25 4. Maintenance Adjusting the scanner With your hand, lightly scroll the writing surface down approx. 11.8 in. (30 cm), and then clean the writing surface well. Hold down both d and f until the PAPER indicator begins flashing. The writing surface will scroll to its correct starting position. Wait until the PAPER indicator goes off.
  • Page 26 4. Maintenance Cleaning the scanner Turn off the printer, unplug the AC adaptor, and then position the copyboard so that it is either lying on the floor facing up or standing up mounted on the stand or the wall. Remove the top panel (remove the left panel when the printer is mounted on the long edge of the copyboard) by removing the three screws on the end of the unit.
  • Page 27 Express, call toll-free 1-888-879-3232, or complete the enclosed order form and fax it to 1-800-947-1445 (available 24 hours). To order by mail or pay by check, complete the enclosed order form and send it along with payment to: Brother International Corporation Attn: Consumer Accessory Division P.O. Box 341332 Bartlett, TN 38184-1332...
  • Page 28: Specifications

    5. Specifications Dimensions: With stand: 28.5 27.0 75.9 in. (725 1929 mm) Without stand (vertical): 28.5 49.9 in. (725 1268 mm) Without stand (horizontal): 45.2 33.3 in. (1147 846 mm) Weight: With stand: 32 lb (14.5 kg) Without stand: 26 lb (11.8 kg) Operating Temperature: 50 to 95 ºF (10 to 35 ºC) environment:...
  • Page 29: Accessories

    6. Accessories For best quality results, use only genuine Brother accessories, available at most Brother retailers. If you cannot find the accessory you need, you can order accessories directly from Brother using your Visa, MasterCard, Discover, or American Express credit card. (In the U.S., you can visit us on-line for a complete selection of Brother accessories and supplies available for purchase.) USA:...
  • Page 30 BROTHER LIMITED WARRANTY 1 Year Parts, 90 Days Labor, Immediate Conditional Exchange Option This warranty gives you certain rights and you may also have other rights that may vary from state to state. This warranty is given only to the end-use purchaser of the accompanying white board product (referred to in this warranty as “this Product”).
  • Page 31 Immediate Conditional Exchange Option: You have the option of following a procedure which allows you to receive expedited shipment of a replacement product before this Product is examined by Brother for possible defects. To take advantage of this option, however, you must accept responsibility in advance for charges not covered by this warranty by allowing Brother to charge your credit card.
  • Page 32 Keep this information with your proof of purchase (bill of sale) in case your Product is lost, stolen or requires service. Important: We recommend that you keep all original packing materials, in the event that you may need to ship this product. © 1999 Brother International Corporation...
  • Page 33 Brother International Corporation 100 Somerset Corporate Boulevard P.O. Box 6911 Bridgewater, NJ 08807-0911 USA Brother International Corporation (Canada), Ltd. 1 rue Hotel de Ville, Dollard-des-Ormeaux, QC, CANADA H9B 3H6 Visit us on the World Wide Web at: This machine is made for use in the USA and Canada only. We...