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HP D7171A - NetServer - LPr Upgrade Manual Page 44

Hp netserver lh 3000/3000r to lh 6000/6000r upgrade guide.
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Chapter 5
If you have any problems with your boot drive during NOS
installation, it is recommended that you reformat the hard drive
using the Symbios
1. Restart your NetServer and press <Ctrl> <C> when you see
the Symbios Configuration utility message.
2. From the main menu, select your adapter and then Device
3. Select the hard disk to format.
4. Select the Format menu option. Reformatting your boot
drive will take a long time to complete. Do not power off or
attempt to move the NetServer while this utility is running.
5. Exit from the Symbios utility and the NetServer restarts.
If Your Boot Drive is on a NetRAID Logical Drive
If your boot drive is on a NetRAID logical drive, you should reinitialize the
logical drive using the HP NetRAID Express Tools utility:
1. Restart your NetServer.
2. Press <Ctrl> <M> when you see the prompt:
Option: Experienced users may press
<Ctrl> <M> for HP NetRAID Express Tools now.
Firmware Initializing
3. Reinitialize your boot drive:
a. Choose Objects from the Tools Management menu.
b. If you have more than one NetRAID adapter, choose Adapter from the
Objects menu and select the adapter that contains your boot drive.
c. Choose Logical Drive from the Objects menu.
d. Choose Initialize from the Logical Drive menu.
e. Select your boot logical drive to reinitialize.
4. Exit HP NetRAID Express Tools.
The NetServer restarts.
utility. To start the Symbios utility,
Updating Firmware


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